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Tales Of The Dark Rider – Wounded Heart

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Dark Rider sits alone by a Campfire…

He senses something

“Vengeance then…”

The oh so familiar voice of Elsya suddenly breaks the Night Silence…

He responds without raising his head from the Fire… As he cooks some sort of meat on a stick.

“Justice…” he replies.

Elsya steps into the light…

Dark Rider looks up at her “Hungry?”.

She nods, and sits across from him.

Dark Rider stands, and hands her a stick with some meat on it.

“Thank you” she responds.

Several moments go by as they both eat, and then…

“You know your Son is Following you” Elsya suddenly speaks.

“Theliad…” Dark Rider plainly states as he continues to gaze into the fire.

“Yes… Theliad… He is your Son… Right” she states more than asks.

He looks up at her “I do know that he’s following me…” he replies.

Elsya acknowledges with another nod.

“He’s brought along his Warrior Companion Axxafor–” she starts to say, but Dark Rider interrupts.

“Aye, with Axxafor’s Scent, all of the Southern Valley knows they’re here” Dark Rider smiles at Elsya, and they both begin to laugh.

“Ha Ha Ha!”

Soon all is silent again, as they both look into the Fire.

“I’ve Missed you…” Elsya suddenly says.

With this The Dark Rider looks up at her, and her lavender eyes darken a bit.

“Two years…” he plainly says.

She smiles slightly, and replies “Two years…”.

“How did the Woman you Loved Die…” Elsya suddenly says, and The Dark Rider Freezes, but does not reply.

“Who were you Dark Rider… Before she did” she states more than questions.






Dark Rider rides in with some 30 Ret’Bor Legionnaires, back from their 100 mile sweep…

Lead by their “Fearless Leader”, Ogo’Mon.

Dark Rider rides into the Village, and straight to the Flower Girl where he purchase a Bright Yellow Flower… Never dismounting from his Horse…

He then continues further into the Village to and dismounts at the Blacksmiths…

A Foreign looking, Dark Haired Blacksmith is hard at work.

“Greetings Dark Rider… You’ve come to see Sasha…” he says to Dark Rider, without looking up from his work.



“She was the Blacksmith’s Daughter…” The Dark Rider said without looking up from the fire.

“Sasha” he finished.

“She had Dark Hair… And Dark Eyes…” he spoke, but it wasn’t coming easily.

“I understand” Elsya replied.

“It’s time to sleep…” he suddenly says, and stands.

“No problem…” Elsya stands as well, and is about to leave…

“I would rather you stayed…” Dark Rider says, which catches her off guard.

She turns to face him.

“This next Assassin…” Dark Rider starts to say.

“Ah… He’s a tough one, eh” Elsya replies.

Dark Rider smiles slightly “Lets just say, I’m not against “Raising The Odds” that he will fall…” he explains.

Elsya smiles “Ok then… I’ll stay…”.

Dark Rider sets out a blanket for Elsya.


PICTURE CREDIT – Fanon, Warhammer Rider, Painting Pictures

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Dark Rider Season 1




Akira… TRON… TRON: Legacy… A Dip In Inspirations Waters

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In December of 1999, Eugene Oregon, I sat down at my Computer in My 10′ by 14′ Square Foot Room, which was connected to a Garage, at a small place that My Brother, His Wife and First Son lived in…

It was there that I began to Conceive a Story Concept that I Still to this day have not Fully Written…

It Was a Film Concept, in which would be a Blending of Both Actual Actors, and Computer Animation… Something that I hadn’t Truly Seen Before.

Granted The Closest Thing that I had seen to it was The Original 1982 Tron, Which I Actually Saw in a Movie Theater, Lol… Yes, I’ve got a 28 Year Old Spirit, but I am Older than that, ha

TRON was Way Ahead of its Time Technology Wise… And Film Making Wise as well… I believe they used something like 6 Different Forms of Animation in that Film… Several of them which were “Revolutionary”… In fact, if you watch the very end of that scene again, you’ll notice that once they Go Through The Wall, The Animation Actually Changes…

And In This Story Concept, I actually had a Form of Bike which was Lit Up by Lights, but it didn’t take place inside of a Computer like in Tron…

But it did Take Place in the Future…

Another Inspiration that may have played a role in this Aspect of My Story Concept, was My First All Time Favorite Anime’ Feature… Akira

Now Akira came out in 1988, but I didn’t see it until like 1998…

But it was Probably This Next Scene that Actually Truly Inspired Me About Akira

And for All Those “Purests” Out There, Here’s The Same Scene, but in Its Original Japanese Spoken State

Well Since 2000 when I sat at My Computer, Listening to The Oregon Rain Outside My Window, in a Room where Basically The Light From the Computer Monitor Lit Up The Whole Room, Lol

And Listening To an Album by Christopher Lawrence, Called “City of Angels” (Same Name as the Film, but this is something Different), or “Temptation“, which Sadly I can’t Find on Line to give you a Sampler… Correction, I can’t Find A Link to a Song Called “Medusa”, which was The Main Song I played over and over again While Conceiving This Project.

But I did Find One Track from the Album Here…

But as many of you know, I sat down “Film Making in 2003”, and Screenplay Writing in 2006, so I kind of ended up leaving that Story on the Back Burner.

Then to My Amazement, come 2010, They Finally Did a Sequel to the Original TRON, Which was TRON: Legacy

Which I Actually Reviewed a Bit Back Here An Opus Of Light – TRON: Legacy In Review

(Sadly You’re goina have to Follow This Link to YouTube To Watch This Scene, but It’s Worth It)

Ironically, My Story was about a Father and Son, which TRON: Legacy was basically about, but mine is a total Different Concept.

None the less, the way “Clu” looks in this Film, and the Way The Bikes Look, is very Similar to what I had Conceived back in 2000…

I Guess If I go forward with Writing it at some point, I’ll have to be careful about it, Lol

Thanks For Listening/Reading/Watching