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Whisper Moon – Drug Lord

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Whisper Moon (Episode VIII) – Drug Lord






Jonan is brought by three Mafia Looking Dudes into the Penthouse of Flaran Ordith, a New York Drug Lord.

Flaran is standing with his Right Hand Man, Jaris… Jaris is the same man that showed up at Jonan’s House with all the Black Rolls-Royce (Which was Here Whisper Moon – A Man’s Castle is? His Castle).

“This is him Flaron… This is Jonan Black…” The Blond Haired Jaris motions towards Jonan.

“You’re a very difficult man to find anything out about… Mr. Jonan Black” Flaron the Drug Lord says with a sour forced smile.

He then starts to pour himself some Whisky “Something for you?” he asks Jonan, who simply nods no.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Flaron Ordith… Businessman” he reaches out to shake Jonan’s hand, but Jonan simply continues to stare at him, and does not shake his hand.

“I see… Well… As I was saying, you were a very difficult man to find any viable information about…” Flaron says as he steps back towards the large window looking out over New York City.

“By Design” replies Jonan.

“Ha Ha” Flaron laughs and looks back at Jonan.

“So… What are you… A Shy Billionaire??” states Flaron, not really looking for a reply.

The Mafia looking dudes all kind of laugh to their selves, and Jaris seems to be getting angrier.

“Lets just say, I like having a private life… Besides I’m in “Technologies”, nothing to exciting about my Day to Day Activities to be honest with you” explains Jonan, who now seems to be scoping out the room.

“One… Two… Three… Four… All but Flaron appears to be carrying a gun” he thinks to himself.

“Why are you interfering with Our “Business”…” Flaron suddenly says as he looks back out the window.

Jonan shrugs “Bad timing I guess… Couldn’t let your men just take that Little Girl… Now could I” Jonan plainly states.

Flaron turns back towards Jonan “Sure you could” with this he sits down his drink.

“Well, there’s certainly no point in offering you money to stay out of the situation… Now is there” Flaron states with a sneer.

“Are we done?” Jonan asks without replying.

“You Tell Me… Are we done” Flaron replies.

“I have some business to attend to in New York… Leave the Little Girl and her Mother alone… And yeah… We’re done” Jonan replies.

Jonan, turns away and leaves, the Thugs just watch as Flaron gestures not to try and stop him.

Once Jonan’s gone “Stay on him” Flaron says, and Jaris and the Three Thugs leave as well.




Jonan is Clicking away on his 13″ Laptop in his Office, Eating a rather Large Chicken and Guacamole Burrito.

And Sipping at a Large Diet Coke.

He’s changed into his Common Working Attire, Clean White button up shirt, and Torn Levi Jeans… His hair once again Gelled up to the Max, and so dark it almost looks black.

On Jonan’s Screen is Flaron… Jonan is Researching him to great extent, but not finding much.

“Are you really going to risk your life, and all that you’ve worked for, trying to bring down the Second Biggest Drug Lord in New York City…” speaks a woman’s voice, one that Jonan instantly recognizes.

He looks up to see dressed in an all white, fairly form fitting leather outfit, his ex girlfriend Sasha.

“Whose The First Biggest Drug Lord in New York City?” Jonan replies, and then goes back to typing.

“Easy Boy… That is really the Wrong Question” Sasha replies, and then spins another chair backwards, and sits in it uncomfortably close to Jonan.

He starts to type slower as her oh so familiar scent reaches his senses.

Just before Sasha speaks again, he grabs his laptop, and Metal Briefcase, and heads towards the elevator.

“What are you doing here Sasha” he questions as he walks, knowing she is surely walking right behind him… Which she is.

“Paul Called me…” she replies.

They reach the elevator and before he pushes the button…

“Did he” he replies, and then pushes the button.

“He was worried about you… And from what I can see here, he was right to be” she explains.

The elevator doors open, and he steps in… She follows.

The doors shut, Jonan hits the Bottom Floor Button, and the elevator starts to go down.

“You’re a “Technologies” Savant Jonan… Not a Superhero…” she says half smiling.

“I’ll settle for a good guy” he replies.

“You are a good guy Jonan… But Drug Lords?” she states as she hits the Elevator Stop Button.

“What, are you on Flaron’s Payroll or something?” Jonan states not quite joking, his eyes glimmering in anticipation of her answer.

“No…” she starts the elevator, kind of surprised by the question.

The doors open and she walks away “I’m on the Number One Drug Lord’s Payroll” she says.

“LIFE OF CRIME?!” he calls out after her.

“EH, IT PAYS THE BILLS” she calls back.

“YOU COULD HAVE WORKED FOR ME YOU KNOW!!” he calls out again.

She turns and faces him before she exits the building “BORING… PLUS… I LOVED YOU TOO MUCH” and then she’s gone.


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Sometimes I Wake Up Screaming…

Worried that My Heart is going to Stop

But it Doesn’t…

And I’m Ok

And So I sit alone in the Dark

The Sound of My Own Breath…

Keeps me Company


Trauma has done this

It Echoes Through Me Like A Shadow…

From a Former Life…

One I Do Not Miss

And Yet… It’s Still With Me

Oh Unkind Memory…

Wouldst Thou Let Me Sleep


PICTURE CREDIT – Photo Flavor Siena Shadow

VIDEO CREDIT – Collide – Tempted – Special Thanks to Heloise @PureNrgy for Sharing This Song/Video with me on My Dark Xperience Site