Sometimes I Wake Up Screaming…

Worried that My Heart is going to Stop

But it Doesn’t…

And I’m Ok

And So I sit alone in the Dark

The Sound of My Own Breath…

Keeps me Company


Trauma has done this

It Echoes Through Me Like A Shadow…

From a Former Life…

One I Do Not Miss

And Yet… It’s Still With Me

Oh Unkind Memory…

Wouldst Thou Let Me Sleep


PICTURE CREDIT – Photo Flavor Siena Shadow

VIDEO CREDIT – Collide – Tempted – Special Thanks to Heloise @PureNrgy for Sharing This Song/Video with me on My Dark Xperience Site

2 Responses to “Shadow”

  1. Love this! I sometimes wake up with my heart pounding so hard I feel like it’s going to burst through my chest… It hasn’t yet, but I know any day its just gonna rip right through me!

  2. Yeah I wake up Screaming sometimes, it’s from a trauma quite a while back…

    Thanks for your Comment Tiffany


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