Darker Times – Black Planet

Darker Times…

by DarkJade

Black Planet




John Swift’s Space Vessel Arrives in Earth’s Atmosphere… It is but a Blackened, Poisoned, Dead Planet Now

John stands before his Bridges Great Window, arms crossed, staring at what used to be a Fertile, Life Filled Planet…

His Long Black Cape draped almost to the floor of his Tall Form.

Dressed in both Black, and Deep Maroon (For A Better Physical Description of John Swift Go Here Darker Times – Wakening)…

“There’s Nothing Left…” John thinks to himself.

“Excuse me for saying this My Lord… But don’t you think The High Council will find it strange that you up and suddenly blasted off to The Dead Planet of Earth?” John’s silence is suddenly broken by these words from his ever Pestering Assistant, Odomo Jones.

Also within The Bridge are 6 S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units, John’s Own Creation, who act as Security to him, as he Trusts… No one.

John doesn’t seem to take note of Odomo’s words as he Methodically Places the Palm of his Right Hand, which is Gloved in his Accustomed Black Long Gloves.

“Forboding…” he thinks to himself as he continues to stare at the Lifeless Black Orb.

“Sir?” Odomo reaches up and taps John’s left shoulder.

With this John quickly grabs Odomo’s Hand and Arm, and twists it until he drops to his knee.

“Just exactly how much did they pay you to watch over me??” he says to Odomo, his Dark Blue Eyes Burning With Rage…

“Pay me My Lord??” Odomo plays dumb, as he breaks into a sweat, obviously in Great Pain.

John releases him and look back out the window “Fool!”.

Odomo stands, and straightens out his Assistant Jacket “They did offer me Sir… But I turned them down” Odomo confesses.

John turns back at him with a sneer “Oh Yeah… Why’s that” questions John.

“You Scare me…” Odomo gulps “Sir”.

With this John breaks into an unlikely, fairly deranged looking smile “So that’s why you’ve been bombarding me with all of these questions, eh…” John looks back out the window.

“You’re Concerned because They’re Watching Me…” John says as he looks outward into the darkness of the Earths Atmosphere.

“Yes My Lord” Odomo replies nervously.

“Order My Security on Mars to Arrest The High Council…” John states flatly.

“But My Lord??” Odomo questions in a surprised tone.

With this John turns and faces Odomo, his long Right Arm Extended Fully, Pointing at Odomo “JUST DO IT!!” he demands and leaves the Bridge.

Odomo gulps once more “Yes… My Lord”.


Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Darker Times Page – Premace





2 Responses to “Darker Times – Black Planet”

  1. Odomo finds it so hard to keep his mouth shut. The most interesting thing about his name, is that it means mouth in swahili…translates loosely to big mouth lol

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