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Spare The Young

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Spare The Young

We The Wise…

What We Know

Watch out for them…

The Young


Their Parents do not Always know..

Keep your Eyes to the Wind

Protect the Young

Give them More than a Chance

They don’t know

They’ve Just Arrived

Don’t be Blinded by Your “I”

Defend The Youth

Watch Them…

If they Fall… Help them to their feet

Give Them Hope

Save Them pain

Spare The Young



Dark Eyes

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Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes…

Change to blue

Songs Sung…

Fresh… New

I Take Your hand

Spin… You… Round

Your Smile shows me Light

Our Kiss Will come…

It’s All I have

To Get me Through This Night

It’s Hope Again

I know it is

That Leads My Heart Astray…

My Eyes Close Tight

Despite What’s Right

Love Holds Me At Bay

I’ll Wait for you

It’s The Least I can do…

For you