Chess With Agatha (Chapter XIX) – The Stand In King

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XIX – The Stand In King



Jodan, Hemmingbyrd and Agatha stand outside the Entrance of The Cavern of Moskk discussing their “Two Dragon” predicament.

Meanwhile, Morr puts The Queen Sorceress Olamna on a horse, and The Seven Remaining Dark Fortress of Doom Knights prepare the horses for travel.

And Iliad somersaults around Morr and the Knights Singing Songs of Doom…

“Ohhh, The Dragons They Came…

And Ate The Men…

Nothing They Could Do…

It Happened Twice As Fast…

As One Might Think…

As The Dragons Numbered…


“QUIET FOOL!!” Hemmingbyrd suddenly yelled over to Iliad, breaking away from the conversation with Agatha and Jodan.

“Sorry about that… Continue” Hemmingbyrd spoke to Jodan and Agatha.

“Well, this is a real problem, as Moskk was to be our “Final Piece”…” spoke Jodan in a discouraged tone.

“Hmm… Yes, and we don’t want to offend Tu Masa, nor do we want to offend Moskk in asking her to step aside” spoke Hemmingbyrd.

“Yess… One Dragon is bad enough” Iliad suddenly appeared, and interjected.

“Shoosh!!” demanded Hemmingbyrd once more.

“And we also lost one of our Eight Dark Fortress of Doom Knights…” continues Jodan.

“Which seems to have shaken up the rest of them” replies Agatha, who gestures over to the rather nervous looking remaining seven, who have tied their comrades helmet and gear to his horse, after burying him.

“Yes… Well… He shouldn’t have touched Moskk’s Gold… That was a Grave Error…” interjected Hemmingbyrd who truly understands the workings of this world.

“Let Tu Masa take my spot…” proclaims Sir Elm of Tardenwhal who has just come out of the Entrance of Moskk’s Cavern.

“I’ll take the place of King Elias until we free him… After all… We need someone in that position per “War Game” Regulations, right??” Sir Elm employees.

“War Game Regulations… Those Silly Rules put in place to Regulate the amount of deaths that occur during War Time between different Peoples… So that we don’t Completely Massacre one another’s total Population before calling out a Winner… Uncanny” thinks Hemmingbyrd to himself.

“War Game Regulations?? But more like a Chess Game… Right?? Replies Agatha within Hemmingbyrd’s Mind.

With this Hemmingbyrd jumps, not having had anyone penetrate his mind before.

And gestures a wave of his hand at Agatha, as if telling her to get out of his head.

“Yes Agatha…” Iliad suddenly replies to Agatha’s thoughts, as he is well versed in speaking to her telepathically, from the many months of beconing her to come back to this world to save her father King Elias.

“Do yourself a favor, and don’t listen to Hemmingbyrd’s thoughts Agatha, they won’t always make sense, and may in some way disturb your mind… After all… He is a Wizard” Iliad continues with a smile, and places a hand on one of her shoulders.

“He does have a point… Your Father is rather “Tied Up” right now… And Certainly won’t be joining us in battle” Hemmingbryd says to Agatha.

“That way you can bring both of the Dragons…” Sir Elm says with a reassuring smile.

“Oh Joy…” Iliad says, but quickly scampers off before Hemmingbyrd can whack him with the end of his Staff.

“We don’t even know this Tu Masa…” Morr suddenly appears, and interjects.

“Moskk is renowned for his Honor in such matters as “War Time”, but he hardly even knows her himself…” Morr finishes.

Suddenly Tu Masa in her Human Form appears from the Entrance to the Cavern “Thank you for your Vote of Confidence… Vampire” hisses Tu Masa in Morr’s general direction, without actually looking at him… No her eyes never leave Agatha as she approaches.

Agatha takes note of this, but isn’t sure if she should smile at her, but does slightly anyway…

“Sterran Ogb Eden Moskk Parom” Dragon Words from Tu Masa suddenly enter Agatha’s mind, and then she walks away.

Without thinking, Agatha repeats the words out loud to the others “Sterran Ogb Eden Moskk Parom” and all of them look at her.

“Ha Ha” Sir Elm starts to laugh to the others surprise “She’s telling you to stay away from Moskk” he continues to laugh a bit.

Yet the others seem not amused… Especially Agatha who locates Tu Masa off in the distance, still staring at her.

“You do realize Sir Elm… Taking The King’s Position in Battle would put you in the Gravest of Risk…” implores Hemmingbyrd to Sir Elm.

“I understand” replies Sir Elm with the utmost confidence.

“Also, If they take you down… We shall be forced to yield to them” interjects Jodan.

“Not on my watch…” Agatha also interjects, her voice changed slightly, and her hair black as it often turns in battle…

“Hmm… Well then… Oindo Bloggen” replies Hemmingbyrd, with one of his strange words, which all take as “It’s Settled Then”.

“And Then There’s The Matter of “The Curse”…

That no one seems to want to talk about” sings Iliad in the background.

All save Agatha don’t really pay Iliad the Fool any mind… Agatha looks over at Iliad

“The Curse… Agamemnom… My Father has spoken of this to me” she thinks to Iliad, who merely smiles and continues to hum his somber melody.

As they begin to separate and go to their horses, Agatha makes a point to step over to Sir Elm.

“Thank you Sir Elm… You Place yourself in Great Danger by doing this…” she explains.

“We are all in Danger my sweet” with this he takes one of her hands and kisses it “Tis My Honor”.

Morr takes note of this, and feels an unfamiliar “Twinge” in his stomach, but pays it no mind.

“ARE WE READY THEN!!” Mosk suddenly steps out of the Cavern and walks into the nearby field… And that’s when he begins his change…

“Good Lord” Iliad proclaims out loud without thinking, as Moskk transforms into his Great Black Dragon Form, with Eyes of Silver… But he is some five times larger than any suspected he’d be.

“THERE WILL BE NO NEED FOR THE HORSES!!” he proclaims, indicating that half shall ride him, and the other half shall ride Tu Masa.

With this, Tu Masa also steps into the field, and transform into her Great Grey and Silver Dragon Form… She is perhaps 40% smaller, but can still carry many men.

All seem a feared, save Agatha whose Black Hair continues to Blare, and her Brilliant Eyes Radiate in Deep Glowing Blue…

Agatha steps towards Tu Masa “The Seven Dark Fortress of Doom Knights and I shall ride atop Tu Masa” with this the Knights look at one another, and with great apprehension, follow Agatha, who has now mounted Tu Masa.

“Well played girl…” says Hemmingbyrd under his breath, knowing Agatha has done this to build trust with Tu Masa.

“I shall make my own way!” Proclaims Morr, who places the Queen Sorceress Olamna upon Moskk’s back, and then disappears in a flash.

Tu Masa then hits the sky like a Lightning Bolt “HOLD ON BACK THERE!!” she yells.

And Jodan, Sir Elm, Iliad and The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd are now ready “WHEN YOU’RE READY MOSKK!!” Hemmingbyrd calls out as he raises his Staff to the Sky…

“AND OFF WE GO!!” Moskk calls out, and Swoops Up into the sky, disappearing into the Clouds.


PHOTO CREDIT – Dragon Riders


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