Whisper Moon – The Black Dragon

Whisper Moon (Episode X) – The Black Dragon


MARCH 1ST, 2012


A Chinese Man in his Late Twenties sits in a small, dark apartment, eating Noodles, and Drinking a Small Cup of Tea.

The Room is lit by a single candle on the table.

His Hair is Black, and in a small ponytail.

Suddenly there is a Cell Phone Ring (The Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing Ringtone)…

The Man Continues to eat his Noodles as the Phone Rings, and Vibrates around the Table, a Blue Light Flaring from its Dial Pad.

After several rings, and many more Noodles, he answers it in a very low tone.




“I See”

“Are you sure that’s what you want…”

“I see…”

“I’ll leave tonight, it will take me a half a day or so to get to New York…”

“Uh huh…”

“No problem”

“Have you continued your practice?”


He hangs up, puts the Noodles in the fridge, and dumps the remains of the tea in the sink.

He then undresses, his body is extremely lean and muscular, but he has many scars… He then puts on an all Black Martial Arts Outfit… And starts to do stretches…

He flicks on the light, and there is a Multi Color Paper Mache Lantern Light in the Middle of the Ceiling.

His eyes squint, and he jumps into the air and knocks it out of the ceiling with a single kick…

And the room is dark again…

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s Office in His New Home

Jonan sits at his desk, and hangs up his Cell…

Paul’s large form is standing in the doorway…

“He’s coming” Jonan says without looking at Paul.

“The Black Dragon?” Paul replies.

“Yes” Jonan confirms.

“He’s a real Killer…” Paul says.

“Yeah” Jonan replies.

“When’s the last time you saw him?” Paul questions Jonan.

Jonan stands and looks at Paul “It’s been a while” he says as he walks by Paul, and pats him on the shoulder.

Paul follows him out of the room… Into the Kitchen.


Jonan pours himself a Glass of White Wine “Wine?” he asks Paul.

“Sure” he replies, and Jonan pours him a glass as well.

Allissa enters the room “I’ll take one too…” Jonan smiles slightly, and pours her a glass.

Outside the Black Raven Crew of Four Mercenaries make their rounds around the estate, each with very heavy Artillery.

“Boss, can I ask you somethen?” Inquires Paul… Jonan has stepped towards the Large Living Room window overlooking the Front of the Home.

“Hmm…” Jonan replies as he stares out the window.

“Are you really going to take on this Drug Lord? And, if you don’t mind me asking, why?” Paul asks.

With this Jonan turns and looks at him with soft eyes “Because it’s wrong…” he replies.

“What’s wrong?” Allissa interjects… “If you’re doin all of this because of me Jonan, I–” she starts to say, but Jonan interrupts her.

“Drugs… Drugs are wrong” Jonan replies.

Paul looks at Allissa in sort of disbelief “Uh… Yeah Boss… But, if you don’t mind me saying, you’re pretty much starting a war here”.

Jonan smiles slightly once again “Nah… More likely to be more of an Execution”.

Allissa looks at Paul, and then back at Jonan “An… Execution??”.

Jonan steps over closer to Allissa and Paul “This Guy “Flaran Ordith” is a killer… He’s killing young and old by the droves with the S#@$ he’s sellen…”

“Nah, this isn’t a war… It’s Retribution for a life time of “Crime and Villainy””… he says as he heads to bed “I’m hitten the sack, I gotta get up early and call Obama and tell him “Billionaires are People Too”” with this Jonan smiles, and disappears upstairs.

Allissa looks over at Paul “Crime and Villainy??”.

Paul smiles “You think that’s somethen, wait till I tell you he actually “Does” call President Obama every morning to tell him “Billionaires Are People Too””…

Allissa looks stunned.

Paul heads off to bed too “Oh Obama never takes his calls, but Jonan says, it’s still important to make the call…” and with this Paul is gone, and Allissa is left alone.

“Where am I??” she says under her breath.


Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions



13 Responses to “Whisper Moon – The Black Dragon”

  1. That kick was awesome…you know the Chinese chi interests me a great deal…I love how they are in tune with nature and all

    Okay, billionares are people too that’s funny, wonder if he will be able to stop the drug lord. They are usually protected by the high and mighty of the land…

    • Lol, I am very interested in Chi as well… In fact I used to do “Qigong”, which is a Form of Movement that Works Out Your Body, and Gives You Energy that can help you feel energized through the day… I basically stopped, because it would keep me up at night, Lol… If I was more Physically Active, than it would be great… But I take a walk, and lift light weights every day, but that’s about it, cuz I work from home, Lol

      Tai Chi is also Awesome, but I’ve never tried it…

      The Drug Lord is in trouble, lets put it that way, Lol

      Oh, and by the way, “The Black Dragon” is the one who taught Jonan how to do Martial Arts…

      Thanks for your Comment Vee


  2. Hey there – just wanted to share something cool I found, since you like music, and like to put it to your chapters. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese, so I listen to the music to try and help with that, and I found a song that reminded me of Jonan. I had no idea what the words meant at first, lol, but the beat sounded like him somehow:

    And the lyrics are pretty awesome too:


    • Oh, oooops!! Sorry. Didn’t know linking it would put the video on your page. I’m new at the blogging thing, lol.

      • Nice, I does fit him, doesn’t it… Very Anime’ Theme Song-Esq

        I actually Like Getting Videos in Replies, if it’s just a Link, I generally Turn it into the Actual Video, so it’s all Good

        Nice Find Paige, If I get it as far as a Anime’ Series, Maybe I’ll Contact this Guy and use it as the Opening Theme, Lol

        I also want to learn Japanese, it’s one of My Favorite Cultures… And My First and Only Complete Screenplay takes place in Future Tokyo Japan

        Thanks Again, Very Cool, always looking for Inspiration


  3. ” … I gotta get up early and call Obama and tell him “Billionaires are People Too.”
    I agree, I find that hilarious:) I’m enjoying the series a lot.

    • Lol, eh, yeah I don’t think it’s right that “The Super Rich” should have to Pay for Our Countries Mistakes… It’s basically Thievery… And besides, they already pay more taxes than any of us as it is… Just because they have more money, doesn’t make them more responsible for our countries well being… It’s a Cop Out

      In my opinion, Lol

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it


      • Well, they’re supposed to pay in proportion to their income, right? So what really happens is that they are charged more? Then I’d have to agree with you there.

        • I believe they’re Charged a Percentage of Their Income… Like we all are, but not only does that Percentage come out to a hell of a lot more than the general public, but Obama wants to Charge them even more


          • I think he’s handled the situation on the economic crackdown well, but I don’t know too much about it over all, but just because these people have lots of money doesn’t make it right.

            How does he justify this? Does he even at all?
            You’re right when you said that it doesn’t make them more responsible for the country’s well being.

            • He just Feels The Wealthy should be more Responsible for our Countries Debt, and I just don’t Agree.

              So no, he doesn’t Justify it, he’s just Playing to the Poorer People, which isn’t cool.

              Most probably feel differently than I… But like I say, they’re already paying more than the rest of us, because of the Percentage thing… So it’s really Hitting them Twice if we Raise their Taxes


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