Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXI) – Infiltrate

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XXI – Infiltrate




As Tu Masa Sweeps in to the Left Tower of Kink Eterr’s Castle, Agatha takes note of Morr who is scaling the side of the tower at an ungodly rate of speed…

Tu Masa holds flight mid air by the Window of the Tower…

“GO!!” yells Agatha to the 7 Knights of the Dark Fortress of Doom… And one by one they leap into the window, and go inside the Tower Chamber… By now Morr is at the window, clinging to the wall with one hand, and guiding the Knights through the window with the other…

Immediately upon entering the Tower Chambers, each of the Knights Draws their Long Swords… And readies their selves for anything.

Meanwhile outside the window Agatha nods at Morr, who nods back in return…

“I’ll call you if I need you” she says Tu Masa, as she holds up the Horn that Tu Masa had given her…

“Oh… You’ll need me” Tu Masa replies in return, in her now Dragon Voice.

Agatha then leaps through the window, followed by Morr, and Tu Masa flies away to let Moskk fly beside the Window.

Inside Morr approaches Agatha, reaches inside his shirt, and pulls off the Silver Necklace with the Blue Amulet that Agatha had placed upon him at the Path of The Forsaken…. Where they Captured The Queen Sorceres Olamna.

“Here… And Thank you” he says as he hands it to her… She reluctantly takes it.

“You’re welcome Morr” she replies.

Next through the Window comes Jodan in Dark Man Wolf Form, His Red Eyes Glowing, sending a jolt of fear through the Dark Fortress Knights.

And Then Sir Elm of TardenwhalHello” he says with a wave at Agatha…

Without thought Agatha jumps to Sir Elm’s Side, and places the Protective Necklace around him… “You may need this more than I” she says.

He touches the necklace and “Why… Thank You” he says with a smile.

Morr is not thrilled by this…

“What is wrong with me” Morr thinks to himself.

Meanwhile outside the Window a Bustle can be heard as Iliad does not want to leap through the Window.

“Go You Fool!!” Hemmingbyrd yells at Iliad.

“I’M OF NO USE TO YOU!!” Iliad yells as he looks way, way… Way down below.

“I AM BUT A FOOL!!” Iliad proclaims.

Suddenly, without warning, Agatha comes leaping through the air, landing on Moskk… She then grabs Iliad, and tosses him through the Window, where Morr catches him.

“OOFFF!!” he sounds as he lands.

He then pulls away from Morr very quickly, and adjusts his “Fool’s Attire”.

“No trouble here… I’m just fine” Iliad informs everyone, who all basically stand there staring at The Fool… Fearing he might be the end of them all.

Save Agatha who doesn’t doubt Iliad at all.

Agatha then leaps back through the window, followed by The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, who in a Glow of Blue Light, Floats into the chamber, landing gracefully.

“You know you could have thrown some magic my way out there” Iliad suddenly says to Hemmingbyrd as he points his finger accusingly at him.

Hemminbyrd pays him no mind.




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