Shadow Love

Shadow Love

It Seems The Only Way I can see you…

Is if I Close My Eyes

What we had

What you Felt for me

It’s All A Memory…

Our Love Walked Above The Waters of Chance…

Your Dark Hair…

Our Deep Romance

You don’t know me now…

You don’t want to know me

But when I Close My Eyes…

We Dance in the Streets again…

I Spin you in My Arms…

Underneath the rain

We were young

We were Friends

You Cried in my arms…

And sang My Worries Away

I Love you…

It is My Undoing



18 Responses to “Shadow Love”

  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Great poem and I love Keane! They have just brought a new album out too! “)

  2. Awww, this is such a sweet nostalgic poem. I Love it…such beautiful lines, “You Cried in my arms…And sang My Worries Away I Love you…”

    Someone is in love Lol

    • Lol, someone “Was” in love… It’s inspired by My Wife of one year, back in 2002…

      I looked her up on Facebook, she’s living in Japan now… She had hundreds of pictures of Tokyo, but only one of her… And it made me sad, that we’re not even friends anymore

      But she was young when we got married, and both of us had personal issues going on, and we just didn’t make it

      But still, I would have liked to stay friends, but she’s not able to

      Thanks for your Comment Vee


      • That “lets be friends” thing rarely works. When any relationship ends, it’s hard for things to go back as they were.

        Maybe your ex wife is doing the same thing as you. Going back memory lane with some hanging questions…

        Well, people come and go in our lives. When a relationship runs its natural course another starts…we live in a cyclic world 🙂

        • True

          Initially when she left, she wasn’t nice for about 6 Months… Not because we ended badly, because we didn’t… In fact, she left before things got bad… But, she felt guilty for leaving for like 6 months, probably because it was a “Marriage”, which is different than just breaking up with a Boyfriend, you know

          Anyway, I let her be mean for a while, because I knew she just felt bad… But after that, we became friends to a degree… She’d call maybe every 5 or 6 weeks and read me some of her Poetry or something… I liked it

          But then she started to get darker and darker, and then I got involved with someone, who wasn’t ok with my staying friends with My Ex, Lol

          She didn’t say that, but I could tell… At that point My Ex would just call and tell me about the guys she had sex with, or the drugs that she was trying… So it became not a good thing… And so one day I didn’t return her call, and she never called again

          After my break up last June, I did try to contact My Ex, it had been over 4 1/2 years since I I had talked to her, and I felt things ended kind of not great…

          So I wanted to reconnect, maybe be “loose” friends again… But she said she didn’t want to do that… She had done 2 or 3 years therapy, and it sounded like she had really blamed me for our marriage ever happening in the first place… Which of course wasn’t true… We both did it, but she was younger than me, so… But that’s life, I never saw myself getting so quickly like I did with her, it just happened.

          And I don’t regret it, we had an Amazing Wedding, and I’ve got Beautiful Photos to prove it

          Anyway, when she made it clear she didn’t want to be friends, I didn’t contact her again… And some months later she contacted me, and said she had been a bit harsh.

          We talked for like 4 or so hours (When I say talked, I mean Instant Messaged), and I feel that it healed us like 40% more than we had been.

          So in that respect I’m glad I recontacted her, but I am still sad that she doesn’t want to stay in contact, just as friends… I think she still blames me for the Marriage happening to a degree, which is sad, because honestly, the marriage was the best part of that year we spent married… Other things were difficult, getting work, and our own personal issues we had with ourselves, nothing to do with the Marriage.

          But like you say, it barely works to stay friends.

          Thanks for the Reply Vee


          • You should write a book on romance inspired by your relationships.

            Wow, you have experienced many lives already some of us could learn a thing or two…

            Or even do a series on what not to do/do in relationships.

            As you know men are from mars and women are from venus…understanding each other…well that’s another story…

  3. Just read it…you were dripping of emotions at that time.

    I really like the way you ended it, “love is not enough. Monogamy is a choice, and it takes work. But more than that, compatibility is a huge part of a successful romantic relationship”. Matters of the heart are tricky at times…

    • It’s true, I was dripping of Emotion when I Wrote it, Lol

      Haven a tough couple of days at the moment… Reflecting on Past Loves for some reason…

      As much as I Love to Write, and Create… In the Silent Moments, I often find myself Missing having someone to Share My Life with


  4. Your emotions come through in your beautiful words DJ! Life is a big game of chance! Sometimes you luck out, sometimes you don’t. But you can’t give up..ever. And you are right, holding on to a good thing is hard work. Take care, keep writing 🙂

    • Thank you Madhu… And you’re Right… Life is a big game of Chance… I’ve been in Love with Four Lovely People, and I don’t regret any time, or love, I spent with them…

      Perhaps there’s another Love or two out there for me somewhere… Time will Tell

      Thank you for your Kind Words…


  5. Sarah Reardon Says:

    I can relate to this – thankyou.

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