Sea Mist

Sea Mist

Lovely Sea Mist…

And Your Warm Northern Lights

You throw your Coat Around me…

And Hold me through the Night

Step on Glass Unbroken

Wave to those not there

The Depths in which you Take Me…

The Deepness that you Care

Whether I am Worthy…

Is Really Hard to say…

The Treasures that you Show Me…

Life without Despair

Such Meaningful Delights

My Heart can Hardly Stand…

The Truth Brings such a Fright

And I am But a Man…



8 Responses to “Sea Mist”

  1. Nice one.

    Your link comment went straight into spam, sorry about that. I also want to say I only have real close friends on fb, like very few so my apologize for not adding you.


    PS: the vid is amazing.

    • Ah no worries, I was just letting you know I was on FB now, because at some point you asked me if I was on FB, and I wasn’t at the time


  2. This poem is utterly gorgeous.

  3. I love the upbeat tone in the poem…just lovely.

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