Tales Of The Dark Rider – Retribution



Dark Rider sits upon a large fallen tree, sharpening his sword.

“He’ll be here soon” The Dark Rider says to Elsya who is about to climb a nearby tree.

“So you stepped into the Tavern, tossed a bag of Gold into the Darkest Corner, and it made no sound… Someone had caught the bag?” she asks him as she mounts the tree.

“Yes… It was him…” Dark Rider replies.

He then looks over at her “I figured I’d find him in the Darkest Corner, and I was right” he smiles, and she smiles back, her Lavender Eyes Darkening.


Suddenly there is a Crack as if from a branch, and the Dark Rider stands.

“You might as well come out…” he states into the thick surrounding wood behind him.

“I can “Smell” Axxafor, and I’m sure he’s the one that stepped on the branch” Dark Rider continues.

Suddenly Dark Rider’s Son Theliad Rider appears… At his side is the ever faithful Earqui, his Trained Wolf.

“Hello Father…” replies Theliad.

With this the Dark Rider sits back down his back faced toward Theliad “You shouldn’t have come here Theliad… Only death is to come”.


With another Crack of a branch, Axxafor appears.

“He is your Son… Would you expect any less…” states Axxafor.

Suddenly The Dark Rider stands, and pulls his Hood over his head…

“Quickly! Hide Yourselves!” he says in a loud whisper.

And so they do… In a Flash Theliad disappears as only a Ranger can… And Axxafor… Well… He’s on his own, but hides behind a nearby tree.

“SHOW YOURSELF VILLAIN!” proclaims Dark Rider.

The Forest is perfectly quiet… Almost peaceful for many moments…

And then The Assassin steps into the light.

“Who is The Villain… The Man that comes to a set Meeting in the Middle of a Remote Wood… Out of a Sense of Honor… Or The Man who intends to “Ambush” said Man…”.

“There is Only “One Man” Here…” Dark Rider plainly replies.

The Dark Beedy Eyes of the Assassin Scope his surroundings, and his eyes squint and rest on the tree that Axxafor is hiding behind.

“He has nothing to do with us” Dark Rider interjects as he sees the Assassin’s eyes rest upon the tree.

With this he looks back at The Dark Rider “Is that so… What about the Elf in the Tree, and the Ranger in the Brush…”.

The two of them simply stare at each other for many moments… Each grasping tightly the handles of their weapons.

“You killed an Innocent Man in killing Largoth…” Dark Rider finally speaks.

“Innocent “Elf” don’t you mean… Humans are so Arrogant, are they not” The Assassin replies.

FOOSH! FOOSH!! FOOSH!!!” suddenly Elsya lets loose several Arrows at The Assassin, who in a blear of Smoke and Mist disappears into the Wood.

“Damn it!” Elsya says under her breath, as the Arrows strike the ground below, missing their target.

Dark Rider Draws Forth his Blades and moves quickly, like some Wild Cat, into the Wood to the south… Disappearing from site.

No sounds are heard.

When Suddenly Axxafor steps out from behind his tree with a Poisoned Blade sticking out of his back.

UMMPHH” he says as he falls face first into the Leaves and Branches on the ground…


Elsya and Theliad quickly go to his side, and start working on getting the Poison out


PICTURE CREDITS – Assassin’s Creed, Lone Skills, Dungeons & Dragons, James Taggart

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Dark Rider Season 1 & 2



5 Responses to “Tales Of The Dark Rider – Retribution”

  1. i really love how you put the pictures in with the writing. It makes it come alive! I really enjoy it.

    • Thanks Kendra

      I’ve done it with a Few Different Story Lines… I’m actually hoping to turn this Story Line into a Comic Book, but we shall see.

      I can’t Draw, so the Challenge is Finding an Artist, which I’m Looking into.

      Hopefully it will be My Nephew

      Originally I pursued Film Making, and am really more of a “Visual Artist”, which leans me towards Using Pictures.

      Thanks again, I’m Glad you like it


  2. […] Dark Rider continues to search the forest for the Assassin that Slayed Largoth… (If You Missed The Last TDR, You Can Check it out Here Tales Of The Dark Rider – Retribution) […]

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