Whisper Moon – Quiet Times

Whisper Moon (Episode XII) – Quiet Times



March 4th, 2012

Jonan sits alone in the Dark of His Office… The Only Light coming from the Many Blinking Lights of his “Batman-Esq” Computer Panel and Screen.

Paul steps into the doorway.

“I dropped Allissa and Marin off at their place like you asked Boss… And Our Four Black Raven’s are going to keep watch on her place for the next couple weeks… Like you requested”…

Jonan doesn’t reply.

“You Alright Boss?” Paul inquires.

Jonan turns his chair and faces Paul “Oh… Yeah… I’m good… Thanks for doing that Paul… And thank the Black Ravens for me”, he then turns back towards his screen. Still lost in thought.

“Alright then, I’m hitten it early, been a Tiring couple of weeks” Paul says, and leaves Jonan’s Office.

Suddenly All of Jonan’s Computer Screens go black, and then “Green” Type Appears on his Main Screen.

“Hello Jonan…” it says.

Jonan is Puzzled by this, as he has very High End Computer Security.

“Who is this?” Jonan replies.

There is no reply at first… And then.

“Sasha…” Jonan’s Ex who apparently works for the Number One Drug Lord in New York Now (Check Out Episode VIII if you haven’t)

Jonan smiles slightly.

“How may I help you Sasha…” Jonan replies.

“Are you all done with your “Do Gooding” for now?” she asks.

“If you’re trying to tell me that “Your Boss” is planning on Picking Up Flaron’s Portion of the Business, since he is no loner “With Us”… Then… No… I’m not done” Jonan replies.

There is a long pause and then…

“Stubborn… Just like you always were”, and then his Screens go back to normal.

Jonan picks up his Cell and makes a call.



Hacker “Jerome Willis” types away on  three different Laptops, he’s a Twenty Something Year Old African American, and he is Good Looken… When his Cell Phone Rings (Dr. Dre – I Need A Doctor Ring Tone)…

He smiles when he sees who it is “Jonan… Man, how are you?”.

“Uh huh…”

“Uh huh…”

“No Problem… I’ll be there in Four Hours” he hangs up his Cell, and Packs up All Three Laptops.



Jonan hangs up his Cell and smiles.

The Black Dragon is standing in his doorway (Check out Episode X if you haven’t)

“Hello Dragon” Jonan says without looking back at him.

“I was thinking of Hitting The City… Maybe some Trance Clubs… You in?” The Black Dragon asks Jonan.

Jonan turns around and with a smile stands “Yeah… I think that’s about where I’m at…”.

Jonan steps by him and sees The Giant Form of Paul on the Stairway in his Bathrobe, with a Cigar hangen out of his mouth “You Guys are going dancing??”.

Jonan takes the keys to his Red Farrari off the wall and holds em in one hand, and His Black Range Rover Keys in the other…

He dangles both of them in Pauls Direction “Which shall it be… The Farrari for Two… Or the Range Rover for Three”.

“Ah man” exclaims Paul “You two go ahead in the Farrari, I need to get  all “Pretty Like”, then I’ll catch up in the Porsche”.

He than takes large labored steps up the stairs “Man I was really wanting to get a Good Night’s Sleep” he mumbles under his breath in his Big Daffy Duck Slippers.


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Pensive

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3 Responses to “Whisper Moon – Quiet Times”

  1. There are going dancing 🙂 at least they will be blow up some steam lol I love hackers, have you watched the series, “Person of Interest” Jerome reminded me of this wonderful show…what’s his nickname being that he is a computer guru?

    • “Person of Interest” Is one of My Favorite Shows… Watch it every week, Can’t believe how Well it is Written, Acted and Done in General… I Love all Four of the Characters in it, they are all Brilliant Actors. Especially Mr. Reese and Carter, I’ve Loved Those Two Actors for a While… But Finch is Just Awesome… He is indeed the “Hacker”… I Love Hackers Too, have you seen “Hackers”? It’s a Bit Cheesy, but the Main Actor Johnny Lee Miller is a Brilliant Actor.

      In fact, I back when I used to Write Screenplays, I Started to Write a Sequel to it Called “Zero Cool”, which was His Hacker Name… Well in “Hackers” Zero Cool is his Nick Name as a Kid Hacker, but he get in trouble with the law, and changed his Nick Name to “Crash Overdrive” for the Film.

      Yah know yer right, maybe I’ll call him “Guru”, Lol… Taking your Chosen Word. Or maybe I’ll come up with something else… But I absolutely “Love” Hacker Characters. I’m Glad you Like Him…

      Jonan is “Good” in many things, but he’s starting to Surround himself with “Specialists” in specific Fields. He Learned his Martial Arts from “Black Dragon”, but he learned all of his “Computer Tricks/Hacking” Skills from “Jerome” aka “Guru”

      Yeah, Dancing will hopefully chill them out like you say…. Until things start to Heat Up Again.

      Thanks for your Feedback Vee


    • Maybe I’ll Call him “Cyber Guru”, Lol… Or “Ice Block”, Lol


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