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Darker Times (Chapter V) – Cleo

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter V – Cleo





Cleo wakes up in an all white, almost Blinding Room… Beside her is “Ronan Sinclair”, still unconscious.

She starts to stand, but feels fairly sick.

She Places two fingers from each hand against her forehead, closes her eyes, and thinks to herself…

“Come On Cleo… Concentrate”

Suddenly there is a slight Green Glow around her body, and her Mind Travels beyond the Doors to the Room, which appear to be Sliding Doors.

She bends over slightly, feeling sick…

She than stands straight up again, and Glances at the Doors Ferociously…

“Come On!!” she speaks to herself, and then begins running at the doors.

“VOOMMP!!!” She passes right through the doors in a Flash of Green Light!


She then appears right outside the door, and tumbles onto the floor, and into the wall across the hall.


She stands and shakes herself about.

She then places two of her fingers on her forehead again, closes her eyes, and starts to walk down the hall to the right… Eyes shut, but not running into anything.

“Come on… Come on… Come on” she thinks to herself

Unbeknownst to Cleo, at every door that she passes is standing one of John Swift’s S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units on Guard… None of them seem to react as she passes.


John Swift sits at his Bridge Chair, his Long Black Cape running along the floor before him.

Meanwhile his Wirey Assistant Odomo Jones stands some ten feet behind him.

“The Young Girl has Escaped her Quarters My Liege…” he speaks.

John does not reply, but instead gazes out the front View Screen at the Blackened Planet of Ancient Earth.


Ronan Sinclair starts to awaken, rubbing the back of his head.

“Wow… That hurts… Where the hell are we?” he asks, and then realizes that Cleo is nowhere to be seen.

“Cleo??” he says.


Cleo walks straight at the Bridge Door and transports through it in a Flash of Green Light…

Inside Odomo Jones jumps with surprise “Oh My!!”.

Cleo pays him no mind, but instead glares at the back of John Swifts Black, Spikey Haired head.

“Ok Tall Dark and “What The Hell”… Where the hell are we??” she speaks at him

He but smiles, and rises to face her.

His Dark Blue Angry Eyes, and 6’4″ Muscular Form, terribly Foreboding.

“Why… Earth?” he says with a mockingly grin.


The doorway to the room holding Ronan Sinclair suddenly turns completely to Ice, and his body suddenly comes crashing through it, as he thunks against the wall across the way.



He stands and shakes his head about, Ice is everywhere.


Odomo is standing over a Screen Censor that is blinking a little Red Light.

“They’re destroying your ship My Lord…” he says glaring at John Swift.

John pays him no mind, and instead holds his hand out to Cleo “Come have a look”.

She doesn’t take his hand, but instead walks right past him and stares at the Blackened Planet.

“My God…” she says, and then looks at John who now stands just behind her looking at the Planet as well.

“That’s Earth??” she asks in shock.


Suddenly Ronan comes Crashing Through the Bridge Doors, Ice Shooting everywhere… He then stands in a “Heroic Stance”, his hands at his waist like some Clumsy Hero.

Meanwhile Odomo has hidden underneath a terminal… And the 6 S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units on the Bridge simply don’t react.

Ronan then points one of his hands at John Swift.

“YOU THERE!! UNHAND THAT GIRL!!!” Ronan Proclaims, and John and Cleo both look back at him… There is Madness in John’s eyes which shakes Ronan’s Vigor a bit.



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My Short Film… “If Not Now…”

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Over on The Dark Globe Site I’m Writing some Editorials Called Dreams… 9 Years In… 9 Years Out… And as Part of, I ended up Posting My Short Film from 2002… So I thought I should Definitely Post it Here on My Personal Site as well…

As I say there, This Film was Shot in about an Hour and a Half, due to Time Constraints… My Brother is the Main Actor, and had never Seen The Script… And My Wife of One Year did a lot of the Camera Work for it, because I Needed to be in it as well, because I didn’t really know anyone in the Town, as I had just moved there.

This is My First, and Only Short Film that I did, and is Pretty Rough… Due to Time Constraints Etc., so Forgive the Shifting of Camera on Occasion, and the sometimes Choppy Sound…

I am a Writer/Director/Producer by Nature, not an Actor, Lol… But I did what was Needed, and Play The Main Character’s Brother, “James”.

To Read The Dark Globe Articles for a Bit More Insight, Click The Links Below

Dreams… 9 Years In… 9 Years Out

Dreams… 9 Years In… 9 Year Out (Part 2)

My Film

“If Not Now…” (2002)

Thanks for Listening/Watching/Reading



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Approach if you dare…

Your Mortal Heart can not resist

I step forward… I’ve seen worse

Lights Blare… Heat

Pulling me from all directions

I sway…

But do not Falter

What makes You any more Special than any other…

It mocks me

I Put up a Fight… And why wouldn’t I

It’s not stronger than I… No

I don’t think so

It Laughs… Then Cries…

It messes with my mind

Do you know who I am…

Do you know what I can do

Your Darkness is no match for me…

My Passion shall Undo you…

My Love… Destroys you

I am Strong

I see right through you

Your Dark Coils of Discontent…

Hardly stand a Chance…

You’d best give in

Before you meet your End…

If you Beg

I’ll Tear you down

Leaving nothing but Black Ash

With a single Glance


PICTURE CREDIT – Dominique Fallen Angel