What was I doing when I Took a Break from Writing Back in 2006-2011??

That’s Right, Playen WoW, Lol

Ok, so that’s not all I was doin, but I did Play it Alot with My Girlfriend, and Ran a few Guilds, Lol

It was a Good Break from Reality for a While, after a rather Tough 2003-2005

And Besides, I hadn’t Played Video Games since I was a Kid, Lol… I earned a bit of Fun Time, Ha

I just wanted to Share This Video, I actually Saw This Video before I had ever heard the “Real Song” (This is a Remake of a Real Song)

The Real Song came on Pandora a few minutes ago, and I thought I’d hunt down the “Ulduar” Version, Lol

Nuff Said


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