Whisper Moon – Calm Before The Storm

Whisper Moon (Episode XIII) – Calm Before The Storm



March 18th, 2012

Jonan Black Computer Journal Entry;

“It’s been two weeks since I sent Allissa and Marin Home… And Paul’s Black Raven Mercenaries to Watch over her…

So far, so good. Time to Relieve them of duty, and bring em home.”

“And “The Black Dragon…” No need for him to be here any longer either.”

Jerome Willis, aka, “Guru Chip“, his Hacker Persona, enters Jonan’s Office doorway (Jerome was Introduced Here Whisper Moon – Quiet Times).

“This Place is “Locked Up”, and “Locked Down” Jonan… Ain’t no one getten in here with their Computers. Unless you “Want” them getten in” Guru Chip explains.

Jonan turns to face him, wearing his typical worn blue jeans, and “Too New” Button Up white shirt. His dark brown hair as “Gelled” as ever, and dark brown eyes deep in thought.

“Completely Automated…” Guru Chip uses his hands a lot when he talks “And it only took me two weeks, and 80k to do it...”.

“Thank you Chip” Jonan replies.

“No problem…” Guru Chip replies back.

“So you’re doing pretty well for yourself out there in Chicago, eh?” asks Jonan.

“Yeah, I’m doing alright… Nice Apartment… Nice Car…” he steps into the office, and sits in one of the two comfy black fabriced chairs across from Jonan.

“But… You know… I’ll always help you out if needed, you know that” with this he tosses a flash drive to Jonan, who catches it without looking.

“Yeah… Well… You have… This places is runnen like silk” replies Jonan.

There is a moment of silence as Jonan leans back in his chair with his eyes closed.

“May I say something Jonan?” inquires Guru Chip.

“Sure” Jonan replies without opening his eyes.

Guru starts to use his hands again “I think you need to find yourself a Lady…” this opens Jonan’s eyes.

“Now hear me out Jonan” Guru says with a smile “You know… Someone to hold hands with, yah know…”.

Jonan squints his eyes slightly in suspicious anticipation.

“Easier said than done…” Jonan replies.

“You’re a good looken, successful guy… It shouldn’t be all that hard” Guru explains.

“I mean… What’s the point of having all of this” Guru waves his hands around “If you don’t have someone to share it all with… Yah know” Guru finishes.

Suddenly the Large Form of Paul fills Jonan’s Office Doorway, wearing a Cooking Bib with a Giant Bart Simpson Head on it “I’m Bar B Q’n up some Steaks, Burgers and Dogs Chief…” says Paul.

“Make some extra for The Black Raven’s… Bring em home Paul” Jonan replies.

Paul nods in confirmation, and sends a “What’s Up” nod over to Guru as well, then leaves.

“I’ve Got Paul” Jonan says with a slight smile.

“HaHa HaHa” they both laugh.

“Ok… Well… I’ve said My Piece” Guru says as he stands.

“And I appreciate it Chip” replies Jonan.

“I’m goina go see if I can Give Paul a hand… Maybe throw some “Cob of Corn” into the mix…”

Guru reaches the doorway.

“Then My Flight leaves early tomorrow morning, so I’ll probably crash right after dinnerhe leaves.

Jonan than faces his Computer Screens. As he does, the Screens all turn black.

“Hello Jonan…” suddenly pops up his screen.

“Hello Sasha” replies Jonan.

“Nice of you to leave the backdoor open for me so I could still get in” she says to Jonan.

“What do you want Sasha…” replies Jonan flatly.

“We Need to Talk…” she replies.



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