I Died Once (I.D.O.) Third Draft Cover

This is the “Third Draft” of My Up Coming Self Published Novella Cover, “I Died Once” (I.D.O.)… I’m really liking how it’s coming out. I Designed one a While Back, using This Drawing that I Found Online, and Got Permission from The Artist to use… I then Handed it over to Kirsty, One of My Assistant Editors over at My “Dark Globe” Site, and she did some good stuff… But I had her Change it a bit, and Man Do I Like how this came out.

What do you Guys Think so Far?


9 Responses to “I Died Once (I.D.O.) Third Draft Cover”

  1. Looking good!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s gorgeous. Makes me want to reach for it, and read what’s going on inside 🙂 (well that and go to the swimming pool)

    • Thank You Gina… That’s about as good of a Reaction as I could Hope, Lol

      And totally, The Blues and Greens are Amazing in that Drawing… Totally makes me want to go swimming, Lol

      Thanks for your Compliment and Comment


  3. Beautiful! Love the colours and layout.

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