A Heat’s Come over me…

A Dryness… In the Air

My Breath deepens

My Steps… Slow

I try to look around…

Cast My Gaze towards the sea…

But there is none

I Close My Eyes and Search out the Source…

The Cool water…

Of My Translucent “Minds” eye

I Find the Deep Blue…

Take it Deeply in

I am Free

I Find My Wings…

I Smile Slightly…

And Leave This Place




8 Responses to “Heat”

  1. This I like very much! Beautiful metaphors too!
    And I’m now listening to the music, pretty good too, but your poem in itself is perfect : ) … ah okay I get why the song now I can feel the heat 😉

    • Lol

      I don’t have to Use Music with My Poems, but I sometimes like to Send People Off after I’ve Taken them Somewhere, yah know… Extend the Delving Inward

      I’m Glad you Like it, I think I thought of you when I was Writing it, but wasn’t sure how Often you make your way to This Site

      Thanks for the Comment H


      • Oh I get the idea, nice concept indeed!
        Well it surely resonates with me, thanks!

        • Oh I figured you got it, We get the Impact of Music that’s for sure, Lol… But sometimes I wonder if I should do Music with Certain Pieces… Generally it’s an Instinct thing

          And you’re Welcome


          • Lol, actually, no, I didn’t. I meant “oh! okay, i get why you do it now” 😉 In this case the music brings a new dimension, that’s cool, plus I bookmarked the song and found others this way!

            • Ha, that’s funny, Totally Misunderstood you, that’s the Problem with Text, you don’t get “Voice Tone”, Lol

              Oh, nice about the other songs


  2. Yes, that is the problem with text, but with the right punctuation mostly it helps. That being said, I am not good at punctuation LOL

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