Allure… No Invitation Needed

Allure… No Invitation Needed

by DarkJade

(Be Sure To Read Part 1 Here Allure)

“Where Are You Mother… Was I The Reason You Left… Wait… Don’t Answer That… I’m Not Sure I Could Deal With The Answer…”

Daisy Arram’s Diary Entry, 3 Days Earlier




Arram enters the Dark House, Crossbow Cocked, with Seth Shaking and Sweating right behind her…

The House is Completely Dark… Save for that one Light Upstairs which is casting a slight glow on the Stairway Up Ahead…

Arram Licks her Lips, as suddenly they’re extremely Dry… The kind of Dry that comes when You’re Potentially Breathing one of your last hand full of Breaths…

Arram looks back at Seth, and with a few hand gestures indicates that she’s going to go up the stairs.

Seth with, Obviously not in Agreement, shakes his head profusely…

Arram moves forward… Seth looks around and is basically freaking out…

Arram reaches the bottom of the stairs, and suddenly she feels a gust of wind from the door, as Seth books the hell out!

Leaving the door cracked like it was when the originally came in…

She then takes the Big Glob of Pink Bubble Gum out of her mouth, and sticks it on the Stair Banister…

…and starts to make her way up the stairs.

The Stairs Creek…


“Of course they Creek… This is My Life after all” Arram thinks to herself.

She continues…

As she makes her way towards the Second Floor, the Air Begins to feel Cool… Like it had earlier that night when the man passed before he entered the house…


“Ok, are you Friggen Kidding Me… Really???”

“Yes… Really…” an unnerving Male Voice comes from the Darkness up above her.

“Uh… This dude can read my mind?” she thinks to herself

And suddenly coming down the stairs slowly, is the Young Dark Haired Man… The One She’s Been Looking For… The One She’s Sure has been Killing High School Girls from Town to Town…

She steps backwards as he steps forward…


“Funny how the Stairs only Creek when I step on them” she thinks to herself.

“But that’s really not what’s Bothering me the most… I think that would be the Red Glowing Eyes” she thinks as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

The Young Man reaches shortly after… And when I say young, he’s maybe 28 years old, where she is only 16… So whose really the young one here.

And that’s when Seth Came running in the House carrying a Shovel over his Head and Screaming Something…

“DIEEEEE!!!!” and just as he’s about to strike the man, he turns and strikes Seth Right in the Middle of the Chest, sending him Flying all the way back and out of the House…


“SETTHH!!!!” Arram Screams, and in that moment the man Moves Like Light flying through the air outside the House, and landing on top of Seth just as he was about to try to stand.

The Man Holds up His Right Hand, which is now More of a Claw, with Long Sharp Nails… His Eyes Glowing Fiercely Red, and Sharply Fanged Mouth Open as if he’s about to Hiss… When

“Please” Arram speaks standing in the doorway of the House, the quietness of her Voice catching the Man’s Attention…

He turns to Face her…

She drops the Crossbow to the ground “Take me instead…” she finishes, her Eyes Filled with Such Sadness…

The man then stands, his Eyes Turning back to an Almost Black Brown…

“Stop Following me…” he says, and then it’s almost as if he vanishes.

She runs over to Seth…

“Oh My God!! Am I Still Alive!!??” Seth says, and Aramm smiles slightly.

“Yes… And you were so Brave…” she helps him up…

But then, almost as if by Instinct, Arram looks out into the Darkness Across the Road, where all she can see is The Mans Glowing Read Eyes.

“Stop Following Me Daisy Arram…” The Voice Enters Her Mind…


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