Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXIII) – Blood Games

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade





Agatha makes her way down the barely lit hallway… Her Hair Black, and Eyes Glowing Blue in Readiness…

Suddenly she comes to a halt…

“Things just seem a bit too–” she starts to think to herself, when she suddenly hears a strange Squealing Sound from up ahead



She draws The Silver Blade from Agamemnon’s Cherry Wood Cane, and peaks around the corner…

What she sees is fairly alarming… A Circular, Flesh Like Creature, Floating some Five Feet off the Ground… It has a Giant Mouth full of Teeth, and Eight Tentacles, each with an Eyeball Attached to the end of it…

“What the Hell??” she thinks to herself.

Suddenly one of the tentacle’s eyes sees her, and the Great Fanged Mouth lets out a terrible…


And with that, one of the eyes lets forth a Black Swirly Smoke Beam…

Agatha quickly leaps back behind the corner, and the beam digs into the wall across from her…

“It’s a Beholder Agatha…” suddenly her father’s voice returns inside her head.

“Father?” she replies in relief.

“I’m alright… I was just unconscious for a while… Drugged” he explains.

SQUIEEEEEE!! the Beholder lets out another terrible sound as it approaches…

“You must cut off the eyes Agatha… Every last one” her father insists adamantly…


Meanwhile within the Second Tower, The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd makes his way up the winding stairs…

“I KNOW YOU’RE UP THERE ETERR… I CAN FEEL YOU…” Hemmingbyrd Proclaims loud enough to be heard.

“YOU SHALL KNOW SOON ENOUGH” Eterr replies from up the stairs and within the Great Top Floor Room.

Hemmingbyrd fastens his Pointy Blue Hat well, and enters the room… Staff in hand.

There sitting on the window sill, is King Eterr, a very Dark and Foreboding Figure… Hair Long and Black… And Skin as white as a Ghost… Gazing out the window over his Kingdom.

“It’s a bit sickening to think I could lose all of this…” he looks over at Hemmingbyrd.

“Because of a… Girl” he spats out with distaste.

Hemmingbyrd grips his staff with both hands, holding it out in front of him.

“She is no Ordinary “Girl” Eterr… You know this” Hemmingbyrd replies resolutely.

Eterr casts his gaze back out the window, pushing aside the dark red curtains.

“Perhaps…” he then looks back at Hemmingbyrd.

“You Have My Queen… And I have Your King…” Eterr states flatly.

“True… I was thinking–” Hemmingbyrd starts to reply, when Eterr takes his Great Black Sword, which is leaned up against the wall near him, and hurls it with all of his force at Hemmingbyrd!


Hemmingbyrd is barely able to Throw up a Shield of Blue Light around himself, but it is not strong enough, nor quick enough, as he’s blasted up against the wall behind him, his Staff tossed out of reach.


His body slumps to the floor, battered, and bruised.


Meanwhile The Great Ball of Flesh with Teeth is Dead with Agatha’s Silver Blade Sticking in the Middle of it… And there are Bloody Tentacles all over the Corridor.

Blood is also spattered all over Agatha’s Clothing.

With her arms, also covered in blood, she reaches into the beast, and pulls out her sword which is deeply penetrating it.

“Blech” she says under her breath.


PICTURE CREDIT – Spelljammer


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