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Kreativ Blogger Award

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Kreativ Blogger Award

It’s Been a little while since I Received an Award, so I thought I’d Throw This one up…

This was Just Given to me By My Good Friend, and Fellow Writer and Assistant Editor over at The Dark Globe… Quill Wielder @ Quill Wielder

Also be sure to Check Out Her New Author’s Site, Laura Pfundt

The Rules:

1.  Thank my nominator and provide a link to their blog

2.  List seven things that readers might find interesting about me

3.  Nominate seven other bloggers

Seven Things:

7 Things eh… Hmm

1) – I’m Irish From Both My Mom, and Dad’s Side… Along with French, Russian and Belgium from My Mom… And Scottish and Welsh from My Dad… But I was Born in Southern California, U.S.A., which makes me American, Lol

2) – Han Solo was My Favorite Character in Star Wars when I was a Kid, right along with Darth Vader… Who is My All Time Favorite Villain.

3) – My First Dream was to be a Professional Baseball Player… A Pitcher to be More Specific. But I never really Pursued it, mostly because my Mom was a Single Parent, and I just didn’t think she’d have time to drive me to Practices… Partly because we grew up in a Canyon Area, far away from anything.

4) – I Wrote, Directed and Narrated a Children’s Play for a Youth Group back in 1998, which was Awesome.

5) – Though I’m Not an Actor, and have never wanted to be, I’ve Acted in 5 Shakespeare Plays, 3 Children’s Plays and The Christmas Carol… I do Love Theater Acting, but only got into it because My Brother convinced me to with him, as Being a Professional Actor was his Dream.

6) – My Dad Remarried over in Arizona when I was very young, and My Brother and I used to Fly there for a Week or Two Every Summer, and around Christmas.

7) – On My 13th Birthday, I went to an Amusement Park Called Magic Mountain, where they had a Section for Carnival Like Games… One of the Games was where you Squirt the High Pressured Squirt Gun and Make The Plastic Gorillas Go Up a pole… You compete vs. others… The First Gorilla up, wins… I Won 87 out of 92 Games, and they kept making me switch Guns, Lol… Ended up Walking Around the Park the rest of the day with Three 5 Foot Tall Stuffed Bananas, and let my Friends carry them so people would think they won them, Lol… Definitely had a “Pitcher’s” Eye, Lol

My Nominees;

Tough Tough as usual

Veeh Cirra – Great Writing, and one of the Coolest People I’ve Ever Met

Stronghold – Brilliant Young Writer/Poet

Bunny Waffles – Quirky, Dark Bunny (And Other Animals) Death Humor, Lol

Little Trot – Brilliant Photography, Amazing Locations

Captured Light – Brilliant Photography

Food Safari – Just Amazing Cooking

The Urge To Wander – Unbelievable Photos, Locations and Information

Definitely Check These Blogs Out if you haven’t

Thank you Once Again Quill, and Now I shall Place This Award on My Awards Page