Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award

It’s Been a little while since I Received an Award, so I thought I’d Throw This one up…

This was Just Given to me By My Good Friend, and Fellow Writer and Assistant Editor over at The Dark Globe… Quill Wielder @ Quill Wielder

Also be sure to Check Out Her New Author’s Site, Laura Pfundt

The Rules:

1.  Thank my nominator and provide a link to their blog

2.  List seven things that readers might find interesting about me

3.  Nominate seven other bloggers

Seven Things:

7 Things eh… Hmm

1) – I’m Irish From Both My Mom, and Dad’s Side… Along with French, Russian and Belgium from My Mom… And Scottish and Welsh from My Dad… But I was Born in Southern California, U.S.A., which makes me American, Lol

2) – Han Solo was My Favorite Character in Star Wars when I was a Kid, right along with Darth Vader… Who is My All Time Favorite Villain.

3) – My First Dream was to be a Professional Baseball Player… A Pitcher to be More Specific. But I never really Pursued it, mostly because my Mom was a Single Parent, and I just didn’t think she’d have time to drive me to Practices… Partly because we grew up in a Canyon Area, far away from anything.

4) – I Wrote, Directed and Narrated a Children’s Play for a Youth Group back in 1998, which was Awesome.

5) – Though I’m Not an Actor, and have never wanted to be, I’ve Acted in 5 Shakespeare Plays, 3 Children’s Plays and The Christmas Carol… I do Love Theater Acting, but only got into it because My Brother convinced me to with him, as Being a Professional Actor was his Dream.

6) – My Dad Remarried over in Arizona when I was very young, and My Brother and I used to Fly there for a Week or Two Every Summer, and around Christmas.

7) – On My 13th Birthday, I went to an Amusement Park Called Magic Mountain, where they had a Section for Carnival Like Games… One of the Games was where you Squirt the High Pressured Squirt Gun and Make The Plastic Gorillas Go Up a pole… You compete vs. others… The First Gorilla up, wins… I Won 87 out of 92 Games, and they kept making me switch Guns, Lol… Ended up Walking Around the Park the rest of the day with Three 5 Foot Tall Stuffed Bananas, and let my Friends carry them so people would think they won them, Lol… Definitely had a “Pitcher’s” Eye, Lol

My Nominees;

Tough Tough as usual

Veeh Cirra – Great Writing, and one of the Coolest People I’ve Ever Met

Stronghold – Brilliant Young Writer/Poet

Bunny Waffles – Quirky, Dark Bunny (And Other Animals) Death Humor, Lol

Little Trot – Brilliant Photography, Amazing Locations

Captured Light – Brilliant Photography

Food Safari – Just Amazing Cooking

The Urge To Wander – Unbelievable Photos, Locations and Information

Definitely Check These Blogs Out if you haven’t

Thank you Once Again Quill, and Now I shall Place This Award on My Awards Page


16 Responses to “Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you so much! As I said on my blog, you just made my sunny Saturday even better! 😀

  2. Kourtney Heintz Says:

    Congrats on the award! 🙂 BTW, I Ioved Leia but Han was a close second for me.

    • Lol, I Appreciate Leia a lot more now

      Carrie Fisher is Awesome

      Thanks for you Comment Kourtney


      • Kourtney Heintz Says:

        As a girl, I’m always looking for a girl character I can identify with in a story. Leia was it. In Lord of the Rings it was slim pickings. It felt like it was such a guy’s world.

        • Even more so in the Books I hear… I haven’t read the Books, but Liv Tyler’s Character I believe was made more Prominent for the Movie

          Good/Strong Female Characters are Hard to Find, and are some of My Favorite to Write… My Screenplay is about a Strong Young Girl… So is My Novella, which I’ll be Self-Publishing Soon

          I Love Strong Female Characters, maybe because My Mom was strong when I was growing up, not sure

          Also My Childhood Fantasy Novel I was Writing had a very Strong Female Character, the Wife of a Knight… Her name was Jade, which is one of the places My “DarkJade” came from…


          • Kourtney Heintz Says:

            I’m all for ensemble casts, but when there are no women in the main cast it makes it hard for me to connect with a story. I always look for someone I can pretend to be in the story.

            I read the books and she was a secondary character at best. I tend to write strong female protagonists in my stories too.

            Very cool to hear where your blog name came from!

  3. Irish…I didn’t know you had Irish blood…does this mean you have thier luck and love for the bottle lol

    Thank you so much for the award, I seem to be all smiles lately 😀

    • Lol, I think I’m Mostly French and Russian… I barely Drink
      … Only occasionally a bit of Wine, and I Love Chees! Yep, I’m French, Lol

      My Brother has more of the Irish I think, The Luck thing, not the Drinking thing, Lol

      None of my Mom’s kids really Drink… Actually, neither does she or My Dad actually

      Luck we might have, but we steer clear of the Bottle, Lol


      • Very interesting mixture of culture you are….do you speak Russian or French? Moi, je parle un peu francais lol

        • Je parle petite francais, Lol Very Petite… I just took it in 9th Grade, but have always wanted to learn French… It comes pretty naturally to me. Nope, don’t speak a lick of Russian, Lol… Now that seems like a Tough Language to learn, Lol

          I want to learn French and Japanese.


  4. Congratulations again! And thank you so much for the nomination!

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  6. […] Aaah…this one is from my good friend … umm …what’s your name again? Lol! Well, I am not sure whether I am allowed to mention his real name James … oops … but DJ, as he calls himself, is one cool dude with fantastic imagination and creative writing. Great chill out music posts from this guy as well. The Written Word […]

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