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Dedicated Follower Award!!

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Dedicated Follower Award!!

After Receiving a Couple Different Awards during the last couple days, I decided it was time to Start Giving Out an Award to Those “Dedicated” Followers… Whose “Simple Click” of The “Like Button” can really Make your day… 

And over My 9 Months of Blogging, I’ve Had a Lot of them…

So I Decided To Create This “Dedicated Follower Award!!“… This Award Can Be Used By Anyone Reading This By The way… Feel Free To Give This Award To Followers That You Feel Appreciative To

Here Are Some of the Followers that Have Really Helped to Fuel My Motivation as a Writer… And whom I am Giving This Award…

Megan Stevenson – I Can not tell you how many Times She Clicked The “Like” Button in the First Formative Months of My Blog… Thank you so much Megan

Anna – Like I’ve said many times before, Anna is one of the Main Reasons that I’ve kept on Writing Poetry… Her Passionate Words of Encouragement have been Very Instrumental in both The Self Publishing of My First Poetry Book, and My Continued Writing Efforts… She’s also been Very Encouraging About My “Story” Writing… Thank you Anna

PwnDaniels – Also one of My Early Day Commenters, He was very Encouraging about My Stories… Thank You

J.C.V.  – I will never forget how many times you Clicked “Like” During the Greater Part of My Blogging Months… Your Appreciation of My Work helped to Instill Hope, during times I wasn’t getting that much Response. Thank you J.C.V.

Arrosmanen – Though I’m not sure He’s in the Blogging World anymore, I really Appreciate all of your “Likes” and “Comments” during My Early Months of Blogging

Veeh Cirra – My Great Friend, and Greatest Fan of Several of My New Blog Series… Your Comments have been Inspirational, and Instrumental in the Continuing of at Least One of My New Blog Series… Thank you Veeh

Heidi – Thank you so much for all of your “Likes”, they do not go unnoticed

ClownPonders – Thank you for your Continued Support

Sorin – This Guy Has Clicked “Like” on a Zillion of My Posts, including Posts on My Dark Globe Site… I can’t thank you enough Sorin

Kirsty – Often Swings by for Certain Posts, which is a Great Compliment to me, as Her Blog is one of My Favorites

Ashsilverlock – Thanks for all of your “Likes”

Taimurwali – Another Person who has Clicked “Like” a Zillion Times, on Both My Written Word, and Dark Globe Site… Thank you so much man, I’ve Really Appreciated it

TrJenson – Once again, just a Zillion “Likes” over many, many Months, on Both Sites… Thank you so much Tr, Your Support has been Huge to me…

FiveReflections – Just an Unrelenting Amount of Support Via “Likes”… Thank you so much Five, it always makes me happy to see you around

Kourtney – Just Tons of “Likes” for Months… Thank you so much Kourtney

Heloise – One of My Favorite People in the World… She’s Single Handedly Commented My DarkX Site Forward, and I really, really Appreciate it

BlueSander – Also one of My Favorite People I’ve met online… Your Comments mean the World to me

ZenMaiden – Potentially one of the Main Reasons I decided to Take “Dark Rider” from a One Time Post, to a Long Term Blog Series… Thanks for all your Early Words of Encouragement Maiden, they are not Forgotten.

LostUpAbove – Thank you for all of your “Likes”, they are not Lost on me

Tiffany – A Great and Constant Supporter, thank you so much Tiff

SmackedPentax – Thanks for all of your Support

Milen – Thanks for all of your “Likes” and support

Raz – Raz you are the Coolest

The Coevas – Thanks for all of your Support

Turk – Thanks for the “Likes” Turk

Claire – One of My Truest Supporters… Thanks for everything Claire

Madhu – Madhu just Rocks… And her Blog is Mind Boggling… Thank you so much for all of your Comments and “Likes” Madhu

Rob – Thanks for all of the “Likes” Rob, I really Appreciate it

Paige – I can not say enough about Paige… Not only does she Click “Like” on both The Dark Globe, and This Blog, but she’s also currently doing a “Line Edit” on My Novella, which is My First Step prior to handing it over to an Editor… Thank you so much for Your Constant Words of Encouragement, and all of your Help Paige… I really Appreciate it

PhotoBotos2 -Thank you so much for all your “Likes”

SeventhVoice – I Can’t thank you enough for all of your “Likes”… I really Appreciate it

Ledrakenoir – One of My Newest Followers, Thank you so much for all of your Support via “Likes”

Kashfi – Thank you so much for all your “Like” Support

And thank you to all my Silent Followers out there, I really Appreciate your Taking a Look at My Site

Nothing is Lost on me



Inspiring Blog Award

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Inspiring Blog Award

It must be Award Season! Yes, I’m back one day later with Another Award from My Very Good Friend Veeh Cirra

On With The Award…

Rules to this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that will not have come up in your blog entries.

3. Pass it on to 7 blogs you find inspiring and explain why.

7 things about myself That I “Haven’t” Blogged About (Ahhh, I Blog About Everything!!” Lol

1) – Back when I was in Orthopedic Brace Sales in the Late 90’s, My Boss would sometimes say to me in the Morning (We started at like 6am), “Hey You Want McDonalds, “You Fly, I’ll Buy”” Meaning he’d buy us Breakfast if I drove to get it… Which I certainly didn’t mind, it meant getting out of the Office (even though I had just gotten there, Lol… Still good to leave), and of course Free Food… But one time he asked me, I said “Can I take your Car?” and he said sure and tossed me his Keys… Oh Yeah, Dark Metallic Green Convertible Corvette… Thing felt like The Bat Mobile, Lol

2) -I was Always Afraid of The Steep Hills on Roller Coasters (I Loved Fast Ones, but Not Steep Hills/Drops), until I was 16, and a Cute Girl that I had just met talked me into going on the Colossus, Lol After that, I could pretty much Ride Any Roller Coaster without Fear, Lol

3) – My First Kitty/Cat when I was a Kid was Named Black Widow… She Lived for a long time, but when she finally disappeared, I went on Our Roof and Cried.

4) – I Don’t Like Zoos… The Animals are Amazing, but something just Feels Wrong about it… I am Glad that it Protects some Endangered Animals, but… It Especially bugs me to see Tigers Behind Bars… They are My Favorite Animal, and it just feels Wrong… But that’s just me

5) – I used to Play Monopoly Over The Phone Sometimes when I was a Kid, with a Specific Friend of Mine (Actually he was My Best Friend)… When he was too Lazy to Walk to My House (It was up many hills, grew up in a Hilly/Canyon Area), and I was too Lazy to Walk Back up after a Game, Lol So we’d just play on the Phone… The Cool thing was that we trusted each other enough not to cheat, which is pretty rare…

6) – I was Good at Dodge Ball… Most people Tried to Dodge The Ball, I’d Try and Catch it, and generally would… Throwing it Right Back at the Unsuspecting Thrower… In that Respect I was a Good Goalie (Wow, didn’t know Goalie was Spelled that way, Lol… Always thought it was “Goaly”) too in P.E. Soccer, Lol

7) – I’m the only person I know that wouldn’t want to Win The Lottery… Call me Crazy, I Prefer to Earn My Own Money

7 Blogs that inspire me that I simply love

This will be tough, because I just Gave Out the Kreativ Blogger Award, and I really don’t want to Give This One to those People Twice in a Row, Lol

Back to Many of the Blogs that Really Got me into Following Blogs, Many of which I Basically Awarded the $#@#! out of in the Past, Lol

Mark’s Photo Blog One of My Favorite All Time Photo Blogs, and Photographers… Which is why I Asked him to Join me on The Dark Globe, and now He’s our Senior Photographer

1001 Scribbles Definitely One of My Favorite All Time Blogs… And Most Inspiring Blogs I’m Literally in a Better Mood just about every Time After Reading Her Inspiring “A World’s Citizen! ” Posts.

Quill Wielder – Quill is The Only Writer I know that may Write More than me, Lol… Her Site has Tons of “Writer Tools”, that most People wouldn’t take the time to Look Up… And with Quill, you don’t need to, she Basically does it for you, Lol And She’s Such a Damn Inspired Writer, From Screenplays, to Novels, To Blog Posts, to Tweets… Which is why I brought her onto The Dark Globe Early on, though I had just found her Site… And now she is one of our 3 Assistant Editors.

La Plume Noire – My All Time Favorite Photography Blogs, and One of My Two Over All Favorite Blogs Period. Kirsty’s Blog Impressed me so much, that when I finally got her to Join us over on The Dark Globe, I made her an Assistant Editor Immediately, Lol… She is Brilliant, and Talented, in fact She even Helps me with Upgrading the Look of The Dark Globe, and has Designed Two of My Future Self Published Books Covers. She is also going into her own Business Now, so Definitely Check out Her Site.

The Insanity Aquarium – My All Time Favorite Writing Blog… I can’t say enough about Anna, Her Writing is Dark, and Enchanting… And she has also Always been one of My Most Encouraging Followers.

Danny’s Kitchen – Danny’s Blog is just Awesome… Not only is He a Talented Chef, but he’s also a Great Guy… And often does Videos of Himself Cooking… But more than that, He Includes a Puppet in his Videos Now which is Hilarious… And He Promises me that the Fact that his Puppet is Named “DJ” is Absolutely a Coincidence, Lol… And I “Kinda” Believe Him, Lol

Warren Lawson Architect – I actually do some Work for one of the Most Passionate, Intelligent Artists I’ve ever Met… And that is My Mom’s Boyfriend of 30+ years, who went to College to Study Art, then switched over to Architecture… His New Blog, which is Attached to his Main Site… Check out his Projects Page on His Main Site if you get a Chance… And his Blog

Phew, Pulled it Off, Lol

Thanks Again Veeh, Really Appreciate The Award

And Gratz to My Nominees