World In His Eyes

World In His Eyes

Outside The Second Floor Hotel Room…

A Flickering of Blue Light can be seen in the otherwise Darkened Hotel Window…

Within, The Dark Haired Man sits on the end of his Much Too Large King Sized Bed…

His Hands to his Face… Fingers through his Hair

In Something Less than Misery

Upon the Coat Stand in the corner, His all too Accustom Long Black P coat…

Draped to the Floor Like Some Deep Black Cascade…

Still in its Transgression

Within his Darkened Eyes, the Flickering Blue Lights of his Unquiet Mind…

Conjuring Something barely short of Madness

Tall… Or Short

Long… Or Tapered

Abstract Story Workings of a Tale Yet to be Told…

And yet these Oh So Tormented Contemplations

Nothing Short of a Ping against the Silence of the Night…

Can Not Sleep

No… No Rest For The Wicked

His Lips Move, but make no sound

And Yet the Message is Clear

“There Will Be Plenty of Time For Sleep when I am Dead”

He Rests

“Who Said Writing is Easy…”


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Picture


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