Allure… The Night Will Come

Allure… The Night Will Come

by DarkJade

“So Cold The Night… As All Nights Were Without Your Company… When Shall You Return To Me… Or Am I Destined To Live The Rest of My Days… Alone”


Arram has fallen asleep with her Mother’s Book, “Vampire’s Lust”, in her hands…

She is asleep, but moving and mumbling some form of words.

Seth is finally awoken by it, as he sleeps in the other twin bed.

The Room is Dark, accept for the Moonlight that peaks through a slight opening in the Drapes.

“Arram, wake up” Seth says in a sleepy state, then tosses one of his two pillows over on Arram’s bed… But this does not wake her.

Suddenly, for some unknown reason he is drawn to the window…

He rubs his eyes a bit, takes a drink of Warm Orange Soda from a can on the small table by his bed, and approaches the drapes…

He’s sleeping in boxers that are to big on his very lean body, and a long white t-shirt with Pokemon on it.

He’s about to reach for the drapes when suddenly Arram sits straight up, sweating.

“The Man Outside  The Diner!!” she speaks, scaring the hell out of Seth.



Arram and Seth pay their bill, and go outside to see what the man by Arram’s car wants.

“Hello! Hello!” he says excitedly as he shakes each of their hands.

Seth notices that the guy’s hand was sweaty “Yuck” he says under his breath, and wipes his hand off on the back of his ever white jeans.

Arram, however, is wearing dark emerald green mittens, and so doesn’t notice.

“My Name is Bob Brayers… I’m a Government Agent” he says to their surprise.

Arram puts her Bright Blue Hair back into a ponytail as he talks.

“I won’t take too much of your time… We’re looking for a handsome young fellow, in his late twenties, with black hair.” says Bob.

“Picture?” Seth asks.

“Uhh… No… Sorry, we don’t have a picture” replies Bob.

“Well then… That’s a bit vague man” Seth reaches into the back of the Mustang window, which was left open, and pulls out his Gameboy… And starts to play it.

“Why are you asking us?” asks Arram as she sets the sack of leftovers from their dinner into the passenger seat of her car.

“Well, Ha Ha… There aren’t all that many people in this town, as you may, or may not have noticed…” he explains unconvincingly.

“Here” he hands each of them one of his cards.

“Just give me a call if you see someone matching that description… I’d really appreciate it” Bob then wanders off to a Brown Buick parked nearby, and drives off.

“Ok, that was just strange…” Seth states as the two of them get into the car.



Seth runs over to Arram’s bed, and sits by her.

“Are you alright Arram??” he then notices that she’s sweating, and shaking.

“You’re all sweaty” he wraps her blanket around her as she stares vacantly ahead at the wall…

Her eyes then get heavy “Sleep…” she says as she falls back against her pillow, and is fast asleep.

Leaving Seth there confused.


Suddenly there’s a great howl from outside somewhere.

Seth looks up in surprise, then starts to approach the window again.

He reaches towards the drape, but suddenly feels that cold feeling again, like that night in front of Hillside Manner, and “The Man’s” Home.

“#@#@ this!” he says with attitude, and opens the drapes…


Arram wakes sometime after 9am, and looks to see that Seth isn’t in his bed.

She gets up, stretches, and pulls on a warm, fuzzy Dark Blue Sweater, and slides on her Pink Converse High Tops.

She then shuffles over to the drapes, and opens them.

“AHHHHH!!!” Seth yells, as he stands outside the window waving around McDonalds Bags of Food, scaring the hell out of Arram…

“BREAKFAST!!” he yells through the window.

Arram smiles slightly, as Seth comes in… She then picks up one of the cards “Bob” gave them from the table, as Seth lays out the food.

“Bob Brayers… G.S.N.I….” she says as she sits down, folding her feet under her on the seat.

“Government… Somethen… Somethen… Somethen” Seth blurbs out as he stuffs food in his mouth.

“Thanks Seth… Big help” she replies.

SCREAAAAMMMMM!!” suddenly there’s a scream from outside, and the two of them run outside to the Hotel Parking Lot.

Standing next to Bob Brayers Brown Buick, which is parked outside, is a Hotel House Keeper “SOMETHING TOAR OFF HIS HEAD!!” she yells frantically, and passes out.

Seth looks at Arram, and then the two of them run over to the car.

Behind the wheel of the Buick is the headless body of Bob Brayers… His Head is sitting on the Passenger’s side seat.

“G.S.N.I… What a joke” a voice comes from behind Arram and Seth…

She turns around, everything seems to slow down, standing behind her is a Six Foot Something late twenty something year old man… He has shoulder length sandy blond hair, an unshaven face, and is wearing a Large Fur Coat, as if made from some sort of wild animal. Strapped to his back are Two Shot Guns.

“G.S.N.I??” Arram responds.

“Government Super Natural Investigations” replies the man, who than takes out a Cigar and lights it.

Seth gives the man an odd look.

“Looks like they’re doin a “Real Bang Up Job”, eh?” he says with an uncanny smile.

Arram just sits there staring at him “Come on Seth, we gotta call the Police” she says, grabs Seth’s arm, and walks away.

“The Names Roy… Roy Millon” the man says as they walk away, but she does not look back.


PICTURE CREDIT – Who Is Ur Fave Color

Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt


6 Responses to “Allure… The Night Will Come”

  1. AWESOME! The tempo is so addictive, am loving it…poor Bob, well am always on the vampire’s side if they are good hearted 🙂 I love where you are going with the story James…

    • Thank you so much Vee… Haven some fun with this one… Haven’t really done a Vampire Story before… Have always Loved Vampires, they’re pretty damn cool


  2. Nice, a new chapter 🙂
    GSNI lol
    And yes, I love the music, it’s like moving back and forward, just like this part 🙂

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