Allure… Tall… Light… And Armed

Allure… Tall… Light… And Armed

by DarkJade

“La Fon Stands Atop The Great Peaks Overlooking The Caspian Sea… His Short Black Hair, And Long Black Cape, Both Swaying To The Ocean’s Wind… He’d Been Away From His Love For Weeks Now… “She Must Be Feeling So Desperate Right Now… But No Less Desperate Than Me… Perhaps I should Throw Myself Down Upon The Rocks Below… And Let The Great Sea Crush Me… If Only That Was Possible… No, My Immortal Bones Would Simply Force Me To Lay Back And Feel The Pain… With No End In Sight… No… I Must Return To Her…”



Arram sets down her Mother’s Novel, and looks deeply in to a perfectly clear glass of water sitting on the end table by her bed.

Meanwhile Seth is watching some really bad T.V., but breaks away and looks over at Arram.

“How long do you figure we’ll stay here Arram…” he says, but she does not wake from her trance… Not yet.

She looks deeper and deeper into the water… Its stillness… Its… Pureness.

“Arram?” Seth repeats, this time sitting up.

Arram looks at him in a snap, her eyes glaring right through him.

“I don’t know… How long do you think that Huge Dude is going to sit out on that Garbage Bin, in the Rain…” she speaks as her left hand points towards the draped window.


Ray Millon, the Large Barbarian of a Man that they had met earlier that day… At the site of the “Beheaded” Government Agent’s Body… Sits atop a giant garbage bin in the parking lot, sharpening an enormous hunting knife… While the pouring rain strikes, and reflects off his muscular chest, which is barely covered by his torn up, white tank top.

Every now and again, he glances in the direction of Arram and Seth’s Hotel Room, and then goes back to “Over” Sharpening his Knife.

“I’m going to sleep” Arram says, almost snapping at Seth.

“Ok…” Seth replies, and goes back to watching terrible T.V.



Arram and Seth, their things packed, exit the Hotel Room.

They both notice right off that The Man is no longer on the garbage bin.

“Warm up the car” she tosses Seth the keys to her Mustang “I’ll go settle the bill…”.

“Will do” Seth replies, and gets into the drivers side.

Arram enters the Front Office of the Hotel, only to see Roy Millon, the man from the garbage bin, sitting at an extremely small table, eating a very Pink Doughnut. He’s once again wearing his huge animal fur made coat, Shotguns strapped onto his back.

She tries to avoid his glance, but is too late, he sees her come in, and stands.

She approaches the Front Desk, whilst tying her Bright Blue Hair into a Ponytail.

“I already covered your room…” she hears the man’s deep, barreling voice come from behind her.

She turns slowly around to face him, her face only reaching the middle of his chest.

She taps his chest “Listen…” tap “I” tap “Don’t” tap “Know” tap “Who” tap “You–” this time he grabs her hand.

“I don’t care if you are a Teenager, that’s as annoying as hell” he gives her back her hand, and starts to leave the office.

“You need me girl… You and your friend are both goina die…” he states as he exits the office, without looking back at her.

She looks at the glass door which closed behind him… Zoning in on the Clearness of the Glass…

“So Pure… So Simple… So Free.”



Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt




5 Responses to “Allure… Tall… Light… And Armed”

  1. I was really waiting for the next part, so happy you put it on your blog 🙂 Love it, really it is perfect!
    I can’t play the music, it’s blocked, I found this one ( I don’t know if it’s the same, if it is, I don’t like the first minute, I also found one live by Tiesto ( better. And then I saw this, lol,

    May The Muse of Inspiration finds her way to you, in other words, keep them coming 😉

  2. I love the feel of this, your endings always make me want to read on. I can’t believe how much talent you have- your video was amazing, and your writing ability is unquestionably fantastic 🙂

    • Thank you Anna *blushing again* Lol

      Funny, My Writing also makes me want to Keep on Writing… But I try to stop myself some times, in an attempt to keep these Posts a Manageable Size… But also, to Seize a Moment like in this one

      Thank you So Much Anna for your Comment/Compliments, and for Checking out My Short Film… I really Appreciate it

      You too are full of Unmeasurable Talent… And I am Truly in Awe of you


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