Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXIV) – Stone Cold

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade






Jodan tucks himself behind a pillar, fearing that what has entered the chamber… Is a Gorgon.

“You Shall Not Escape Me… Lycanthrope” the Gorgon hisses as she slithers across the Throne Room, some forty or so feet from the pillar that Jodan is hiding behind.

Jodan’s eyes glow fiercely red as he tries to control the beast that he is from merely throwing himself in front of her, in what would be a “useless” charge…

Just then…

“Great Heavens… May the Gods protect us” the voice of one of the Dark Fortress of Dooms Knights suddenly rings through the chamber, as the Seven of them enter the chamber.

“NOOOO!!!” Jodan lets out a blood curdling Roar in their direction, just as the Gorgan looks to the First Knight.

Suddenly The Knight’s Arms begin to tingle, and turn cold…

“COVER YOUR EYES YOU FOOLS!!” Jodan yalps at the rest of them, and they quickly raise their shields…

But for the first… It is too late… First his arms, and then his feet and legs begin to turn to stone…

“AHHH!! HELP ME!!” he yells as this dark magic works its way up his chest, and soon envelopes his head and face, the expression left on his face being one of terror.

This brings a smile across the Gorgon’s Face, and she continues to slither across the Throne Room.

The remaining Six Knights quickly get behind pillars, and await Jodan’s orders.

Just then a grey cloud begins to fill the back of the Throne Room, and ooze its way behind the Gorgon.

Jodan senses a shift in the room, and peaks around the other side of the pillar, catching sight of the cloud.

“Rarrr” he growls slightly to himself.


CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!!” comes the sound of Sir Elm’s Armor as he runs down the never ending hallway…

WHISP! WHISP! WHISP!!” as arrows whisp by, and near him, striking the walls as he goes.

“I can’t just keep running forever” he thinks to himself, and suddenly stops, and turns to face the Undead Archers.

Their eyes glowing an eerie Green Yellow…

“AHHHHHRRRSSSHHH” the strange sound that they make as they continue to let loose their poisoned arrows, Elm doing his best to knock them out of the air with his sword… He is not fast enough, but suddenly Agatha comes out of nowhere and knocks Elm through one of the side doors with a…

CRASHHH!!!” they slide into the room.

Agatha on top of him, her blue eyes glowing, she smiles slightly…

“Stay here” she says, and then flies backwards in a sudden leap landing back in the hallway.

“AHHHHHRSSHHHHHH!!” the Archers screech, as they prepare to let loose a swarm of arrows at Agatha…

But she is too quick, and just as they release their bows, she begins to spin at an unfathomable speed… Creating a sudden burst of wind, stopping the arrows in their tracks…

The arrows than turn around, and launch back at the Archers, striking them all over their bodies…

“AHHHHHHHRRRSSSSS!!!” they hiss as parts of their Undead bodies are removed from them with the striking of the arrows…

Their Undead limbs unable to sustain the impact.

The poison, of course, has no effect… But several of them loose chunks of their legs, and are unable to walk…

Thus pulling their selves along the floor with their upper limbs, with daggers in their mouths.



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