Fire Princess… Friend I Do Not Know

Fire Princess… Friend I Do Not Know

What Have They Done To You…

Will We Ever Know

Who Are We To Judge…

Truths Of Yours Untold

We Take From You Your Light…

You Take From Us Our Pain

Fly With Wings You’ve Made…

Dance With Legs Of Fate

I Hope You Can Forgive…

We Know Not What We Do

When Gates Open Up…

It’s We That Play The Fool

Find Your Fire Once More…

Try To Make A New

Free Your Self Of Love…

Stick To Those True…

Take The Higher Ground

I’ll See What I Can Do


4 Responses to “Fire Princess… Friend I Do Not Know”

  1. For some reason, I really love the last line…

    • Thanks Vee… She’s One of My Favorite Actresses… In fact, she’s the one that I wanted to Play The Lead in My Screenplay 8 or so years ago… And I actually heard some really upsetting Media that is treating her very badly… Whether what they say is true or not, I really don’t Like The Media… So that last line is me basically saying, I’ll fight the Media in My own way, to support you…

      Now this Poem may be the extent of My Fight, ha… But still, I’ve always disliked the Media, especially when they go after someone you admire.

      Don’t know if you recognize the Actress, it’s Ziyi Zhang, from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, one of My Favorite Movies.

      Thanks for your Comment Vee


  2. excellent from start to finnish. I like the line about legs of fate.

    • Thank you Maiden… She was a Dancer Before she was an Actress, and used Her Dancing A lot in Her Film’s Fighting Scenes… Which is where that stems from


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