Whisper Moon – Loyalty

Whisper Moon (Episode XIV) – Loyalty



March 19th, 2012


Jonan exits his office, and goes into the Kitchen where Paul is cleaning up from dinner…

“I’m going out…” speaks Jonan as he grabs his Red Ferrari Keys.

“Tell the Black Raven Crew they’re free to go… And give each of them a months wages…” Jonan heads towards the door.

Jonan turns back “Black Dragon and Guru Chip should both be leaving today as well… Why don’t you do yourself a favor and take a vacation Paul… Like you say, it’s been pretty crazy around here” Jonan finishes, and leaves.

Paul walks over to the Dining Room window and watches Jonan drive off.

VROOOMMMM” he disappears in his red Ferrari.

Suddenly Black Dragon and Guru Chip are standing behind Pauls large form.

“He’s started a war…” speaks Guru Chip.

“Yup” Paul replies without looking behind him.

“And now he’s asking us to leave” interjects The Black Dragon.

“MmmHmm” replies Paul.

“I’ll get the Range Rover” says Paul, just need to relieve The Black Raven Crew before we go” Paul explains.

“Not necessary” the gravely voice of the Leader of The Black Raven Crew suddenly enters the room.

Paul turns and looks over at him, as he stands in the shadows, and lights a cigar.

“We’ll be right behind you guys…” the Mercenary Leader concludes.

Paul simply nods, and grabs the Range Rover Keys.


Jonan drives into a parking lot under a huge industrial building.


The parking lot is completely empty, except a really expensive white Mercedes.

Jonan sees it “Sasha…”.

He then gets out of his car, and heads over to the nearby elevator, clicking the Alarm on is car.


He rides up to the thirty fifth floor, where the doors open.

He walks towards two large closed black doors at the end of the hallway, which open as he approaches, and then close behind him.

In the office is Sasha at a large, clear glass desk. She’s doing paperwork, and doesn’t look up.

“Hello Jonan” she speaks continuing to work.

Jonan scopes out the room, each of the walls on the right and the left side of the office are full blown fish tanks, full of hundreds of tropical fish.

Off to the right of Sasha’s desk is a black glass chamber.

He stands at the entrance, not moving.

She finally looks up.

“Have a seat” she points at one of the three white leather chairs in front of her desk.

Jonan doesn’t move.

Suddenly Sasha looks at her computer screen where she sees a Black Range Rover, and three BMW’s enter the parking lot below.

She then looks up at Jonan, and stands.

She walks over to one of her walls and runs her finger along the fish tank… Toying with one of the tropical fish.

Jonan just watches.

She gets about twenty feet from him, wearing all white as she usually does, and looks over at him.

“My Boss wants to know if you’re going to interfere with him if he takes over Flaran Ordith’s territory” she explains.

“I hadn’t really thought about it” Jonan replies.

THUNK!” suddenly there’s loud thunk on the doors.

“I see you brought your Gorillas” Sasha says as she goes back to her desk.

Jonan’s left eyebrow raises “Hardly” he replies.

WHAMM!!” the doors are knocked down by Paul, as he falls to the ground with them.

Jonan looks down at Paul “I guess this means you’re not going on a vacation.”

Paul smiles as Jonan helps him to his feet “Not exactly Boss.”

The Black Dragon comes into the room with Guru Chip.

“We’re going to be sticking around for a while too Jonan” speaks Guru Chip.

Jonan looks over at him, then The Black Dragon, who nods at Jonan.

Jonan nods back, and catches a glimpse of The Black Raven Mercenaries guarding the outside hallway.

He then walks over to Sasha’s desk, and leans against her desk with both of his fists against it.

“Threaten me again, and I’ll take you down with your Boss” Jonan says, and starts to turn away… But as he does he picks up a large paper weight and throws it at the black glass chamber to the right of her desk…


Black glass shatters all over, and within the chamber there is a sharply bearded partially bald man, in his late forties.

He’s in a ten thousand dollar brown suit, and smoking a very long cigarette.

Before anyone can do anything else, The Black Dragon flies through the air, and lands on the man’s desk.

He then picks him up in the air by the caller of his shirt, and looks deep into the man’s eyes.

The man starts to sweat.

“This isn’t him” The Black Dragon simply says, and drops the man back into his chair.

OOMFFF” says the man.

Jonan looks over at Sasha “Fake Bosses behind Black Glass… Nice Career choice you got goin here Sasha…” he turns and leaves.

The Black Dragon, Guru Chip and Paul walk behind him.

“You could have done a lot better…” are Jonan’s last words.



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