Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXV) – Behold The Golem

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XXV – Behold The Golem




Morr jumps tree to tree as the Female Warrior Golem follows right behind…


Taking great sweeping swings at him with it’s spear, but not quite hitting him.

Meanwhile, The Second Statue begins to awaken as well…

Morr takes note “Oh, great.”


Soon the second one comes for him as well, and he finds himself atop a great tree, surrounded by the two Golems.

Suddenly The Great Grey and Silver form of The Dragon Tu Masa flies by and picks up the Woman Warrior Golem, carries it through the air, and drops it into the Great Courtyard Pool…


This gets the attention of the Male Golem, and he takes a swing at Tu Masa as she flies by, but misses…


“NEED A RIDE… VAMPIRE??!!” calls Tu Masa as she sweeps in near Morr, and he leaps upon her back…


King Eterr approaches The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, who eyes his Staff, as he lays against the wall near the stairs, still recovering from being slammed against it (See Chapter XXIII)…

“Oh no you don’t…” speaks King Eterr.

Hemmingbyrd than reaches inside his layers of blue robes, and pulls out a Crooked Stick Wand…

“ALTOMAY!!” he yells, as a sparking almost pink light comes out of the wand, but as it is about to strike King Eterr, his Glittery Red Ring seems to Absorb the Magic…

Leaving the Ring Pulsating in Red Light…

“Squablot” speaks the frustrated Hemmingbyrd, it not being a Spell Chant, but rather one of his made up words.

King Eterr holds up the hand with the Red Ring on it, and taps it with a finger from his other hand…

“Handy don’t you think…”

King Eterr than steps over and picks up his Great Sword from the ground.

“Any more tricks up your sleeves Wizard…” he says more than asks.

“Just one…” with this, Hemmingbryd pulls forth Moskk’s Dragon Summoning Horn, and Blows it…

VROOMMMPPPPPP!!!!!” the horn blows…

RARRRRRRRNNNNGGGG!!!” and the unearthly sound of Moskk growling comes from outside the tower window.

King Eterr, surprised, runs over to look out the window, where he sees The Great Black Dragon Moskk… Upon his back, Eterr’s Sorcerous Queen Olamna, still bound and gagged…

“Moskk…” Eterr speaks under his breath in utter surprise.

And that’s when Hemmingbyrd makes his move, quickly leaping over to his staff, which catches Eterr’s attention immediately…

“Lets get some light in here shall we…” speaks Hemmingbyrd, he then thunks his Staff against the floor…


“MILONAYY!!!” the Wizard speaks, and suddenly a great storm cloud appears above the Tower, and Giant Bolts of Lightning strike the top of the Tower, blasting the roof off of it…


King Eterr tries to take cover, placing his Helmet on quickly, and Hemmingbyrd throws up his blue bubble of blue light, protecting him from the Rock Shrapnel…

With this Moskk suddenly appears above the now roofless tower, and looks down upon Hemmingbyrd and The Crouching King Eterr…

“CHECK!!” speaks Moskk in a growlish tone…


PICTURE CREDIT – Athena The Greek Goddess Of Wisdom


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