Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk

Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk

An Interesting Thought/Feeling came over me just the other day… “I wish I was the Comic Script Writer For The Hulk…”.

Now keep in mind, I’ve never really been a Hulk Follower… No, in fact back in the Late 80’s, and Early 90’s, it was indeed “The Flash”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers”, “West Coast Avengers” and “Iron Man” that were my Comics of Choice.

And as a Very Young Child, “The Flash” and “Captain America” were Major Heroes for me, and I really enjoyed their Older Comic Books from the 60’s and 70’s.

Than why Write The Hulk? I’m not quite sure… I can tell you that in the midst of all of My Projects, some part of me Hungers for One Solid Project where I can Create on a Regular Basis, and Make a Living at it… While at the same time doing My Personal Additional Work on My Free Time.

But still, why the Hulk?

I will say this, I haven’t even seen the New Avengers Movie yet… Even though I very much look forward to it, and am a Huge Fan of “Robert Downey Jr.”, especially his Portrayal of Toni Stark, who I very much am familiar with from My 80’s/90’s days of Reading “Iron Man”, and “West Coast Avengers” (At that point he was in the West Coast Avengers, in fact I think he Lead them?).

And I never saw the Ed Norton Version of the Hulk, though I would like to see that as well, as I’m also a Huge “Ed Norton” Fan…





And though many Hulk Fans, and Critics alike, did not Care for Ang Lee’s Version of “The Hulk”… I actually felt that there were several parts about it that were Quite Brilliant…


Admittedly, Nick Nolte’s Performance/Portrayal as Bruce Banners’s Father, Basically Stole the Show…

But The “Hulk” Desert Scenes, were about as “Hulk” as it gets…


Leaping Hulk;

Beating Up On Tanks (The Desert Stuff Starts at the 2:20 Point);

But still, why the Sudden Want to Write The Hulk?

Perhaps because I feel it would be an “Extremely Challenging” Character to Write for… Lots of “Emotional” and “Psychological” Aspects to Delve into…

After all, you can’t spend the Whole Thing Writing about how He Smashed Ten Cars and Knocked down a Building… Right?

Thanks for Reading/Listening/Watching

In the next little bit I may Give a Go at Writing a Comic Script for The Hulk, and Post it on here just to see what you guys think… We shall see, I’ve got so much other stuff going on right now.



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