Whisper Moon – One Step Back

Whisper Moon (Episode XV) – One Step Back



April 6th, 2012


Jonan is sitting on the roof of his home, where he has set up an Asian Meditation Garden.

He is meditating, sitting on a black mat.

Black Dragon appears on the roof, and Jonan sensing his presence, opens his eyes.

“What’s up Jonan…” Black Dragon speaks, as he sits on the edge of the roof.

“I’m not exactly sure…” Jonan replies.

“For eight years I lived life my way… On my terms… And made a good living doing it…” Jonan explains.

“And now?” replies Black Dragon.

“Now I don’t know… What am I going to do, try and single handily take out Organized Crime in the City of New York?” Jonan states, more than asks.

“It’s been a couple weeks or so since you met with Sasha right? Maybe they’re just going to chill out” replies Black Dragon.

“I don’t know man…” Jonan states as he gets up, and walks towards the back side of his home’s roof, Black Dragon follows.

Jonan looks off the roof, and seems to be trying to determine how many feet away from the house the pool is…

He then looks over at Black Dragon who has already stripped down to his boxers…

“Oh Yeah!” speaks Black Dragon, he then backs up, and runs full speed off the roof, jumping….

SPLASSSHH!!!” and landing in the pool.

Jonan does the same…



Suddenly Paul runs out the back of the house holding a gun…

“What the hell??” he speaks at Black Dragon and Jonan who are swimming and splashing around.

“Jesus…” Paul says under his breath.


Jonan and Black Dragon ignore him, and he goes back in the house mumbling under his breath.

“What ever happened to your Dad man?” Black Dragon asks Jonan.

“I mean, I know you’re Mother basically raised you… Right?” Black Dragon continues.

“I don’t talk about him much…” Jonan gets out of the pool and grabs a towel.

“You don’t talk about him… Ever?” Black Dragon replies.

Black Dragon gets out of the pool as well, Jonan throws him a towel as well.

“So Sasha works for a Drug Lord, eh…” Black Dragon changes topic.

“Yeah… Nice topic switch by the way…” Jonan replies with a half smile.

They both sit at a Poolside Table.

“Hey, I’m not exactly Mr. “Open Book” myself” Black Dragon replies with a half smile back.

“True… “Black Dragon” is a tad bit ominous…” Jonan finishes.

“HaHaHa!” they both laugh.

When all the sudden…

“AHHHHOOOOO!!!!” Paul comes flying off the roof, and makes a huge splash…


Guru Chip comes running out of the house “What The Hell??”.

And then suddenly the backyard is filled up with The Black Raven Mercenaries, Guns Cocked and Ready…

The Leader takes his Cigar out of his mouth and lowers his gun…

“Pool Party…” he speaks to his men.

“YEAHH!!!” they all start tearing off their black uniforms and diving into the pool.


PICTURE CREDIT – Lunascence Archive

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4 Responses to “Whisper Moon – One Step Back”

  1. Your dialogue is always so entertaining to read. (:

  2. Hey there – I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. 🙂

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