The Spared

The Spared

You Do Not know the pain…

You have not Felt The Loss

You Have been Spared the Grief…

The Broken Heart

The Love Lost…

You Watch from Below The Darkened Clouds…



Your Curiosities Gaze to the sky…

Your Hopes

Your Dreams…

Your Wonderings Why

The Clouds Above you

Are made of Blood…

Of Crushed Hearts…

The Perished Betrothed

You Have been Spared…

And yet you Cry…

White Tears of Light

Wondering why

You are Free…

And yet… Alone

Let The Pain Begin…

I Shall Have My Song

DarkJade- (Above is mine, Below is Alfred’s)

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

From Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem In Memoriam:27, 1850

4 Responses to “The Spared”

  1. My first thought was Tragic and dark!! But I reread it and found an alternate meaning to its ending. For if a person were to embrace their pain then indeed they Would be able to sing despite it. Its like the words of an old U2 song, “If the thunderclouds must pass rain, then let it rain, rain on me.”

    • It was inspired by someone whose still hurting badly over someone they love, even though they’ve been apart for 18 months… It’s telling people that haven’t experienced such loss, that they are “Spared” the pain… But at the end, the person spared, still wants to experience it, and by experiencing the pain, like you say, you will have had your song.

      Love can be Painful, but it is Still Beautiful, and still enriches your life more than if you had never experienced it at all.

      So you’re right, it is tragic at first, but than I flip it at the end… The first part is a “Warning”, the Second part is a “You Will Not Regret The Risk”…. “Nor The Result”.

      Thanks for your Comment Maiden


  2. Nice work! I love the image but must of all the writting 🙂
    Thanks for shareing it with us.
    Have a great weekend! Cheeeers 😉

    You are really an awsome writer, your writting is like poetry.

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