The “Oddness” To Self Marketing… Kickstarter & Editing “I Died Once”

The “Oddness” To Self Marketing… Kickstarter & Editing “I Died Once”

There’s something very strange… And something very “Unnatural” Feeling about Marketing yourself… Don’t you think?

“Hey, I Wrote A Book, I really Think You’d Like It!! It’s Written By Meeeeeee!!” Lol

Yeah, very odd indeed, Lol

But something I have noticed is, Self Marketing seems to have become an even Bigger Reality than ever, and I don’t just mean for Writers… I mean in “Every” Industry…

Maybe part of it is the Economy, actually I’m pretty sure that is indeed a big part of it… But I see Successful Actors and Athletes Marketing their Asses off on Twitter… Even the Hugely Successful ones.

Moving on… Editing My “I Died Once” (Novella)

So as many of you may, or may not know… I’ve let go of the idea that My Sister will find enough time to Edit My First Novella, “I Died Once”… And frankly come to the conclusion, that I’m likely going to have to “Hire” an Editor to Edit it.

The only problem is, I’m a bit Tight on Money at the moment, largely to do with the Field I’m in, which an Admin./Marketing Consultant for an Architect… Lets just say, included in the Long List of Professions that are Struggling right now with Our Current Economy, “Architecture” has to be near the top… There’s just not a lot of People Building New Homes at the moment… In fact, most are just trying to “Save” the Home they’ve got…

But I do feel the Economy is Slowly Improving/Growing… Slowly.

That being said, one of My Three Nephews is a Professional Dancer, and has been for several years… As you might imagine, he’s been struggling a bit with that as well, as the “Arts” are probably the First to be Hit/Cut when Money is Tight in our Economy.

He, however, Wrote, Choreographed, and Basically full Blown Created a “Short Ballet Piece”, that he wants to Produce (He will also Dance in it), and it was highly recommended that he use a Tool Called “Kickstarter”, in order to Find/Get some Financial Backing for the Project.

Now when I first received an E-mail for it, it was like “$3,000”, and he needed to get it in a Month… The way Kickstarter works is, if you don’t Achieve the Full Number, You Don’t Get Any of it… Some People are very bugged by this, but what it does is Create a Sense of Urgency for the Investors…

I get it, and they’re right… But still, when I saw this “$3,000” Number, in 30 days?? I thought “Uh, I don’t know Damon”, that’s My Nephew’s Name, Lol

But low and behold, by the Third Week, they had like “$2,000”, and so needed “$1,000” More… At that point I was like, man, “$1,000” more in a Week, I don’t know… Well let me tell you, that in that last week they achieved not “$1,000”, but “$1,600″… And that’s what I’m hearing now, that that last hand full of days is when People really start to Invest… And, I have to say, I think part of it is the fact that You “Have” To Achieve it by a Certain Time, or you get Nothing.

Nuff said about that.

After 2 or 3 months of deliberating, and waiting to see if My Sister would have the Time to Edit My Novella, I finally, like I say, came to the Conclusion that I’m going to Need to Hire an Editor… And so I’ve decided, since like I say I’m a bit Broke at the Moment, to give this “Kickstarter” a go…

Now, keep in mind, I am someone who “Never, Ever” Borrows Money, or Asks for Money… I’m basically as “Independent” as it gets… But at this exact moment in time, it’s either try to Generate Funds (I Tried to Sell some of My Comic Collection recently, that was a no go, Lol), or let my Writing continue to just sit there and Gather Dust…

And Being I Write on Average 1,000 Words a day, let me tell you, I have a lot of work just waiting to be Edited…

Now Part of this Kickstarter thing is, People that Contribute Certain Amounts, will Receive Rewards for their Contributions… So that’s Cool… And they recommend that they’re Pretty Good Rewards…

So for me I created Rewards of such things as, “A Signed Copy of My Book”, or, “A Signed Copy of both My Poetry Book, and The “I Died Once” Novella…”.

And for the Higher Amounts, Contributors will Actually get, In Addition to the Copies of The Books, an Actual Like 24″x 18″ Book Cover Poster, which I think is cool, mainly because I Love the Art on the Book.

So that in mind, when Creating the Goal Amount for Kickstarter, you need to Include the Costs of Supplying the Rewards to your Contributors…

So I’ve Designed it, and am Currently in the Process of getting it Approved… Part of it is a Video of Me Explaining the Project as well…

Now I’m not going to be trying to Acquire anything near what My Nephew Needed, as I surely don’t need that much… It will be somewhere around 10 to 15% as much.

We shall see how it goes… Like I say, I’m not one to Ask For Money… Truth be known, I don’t really know all that many People either, Lol… I’m not exactly a “Social Butterfly”, Like My Nephew… But I’m hoping the “Rewards”, and the Idea of Getting My Work Out there will maybe pull in a Few Contributors… We shall see…

I’ll let you all know how it turns out

Thanks for Listening/Reading


4 Responses to “The “Oddness” To Self Marketing… Kickstarter & Editing “I Died Once””

  1. Totally there with you on the marketing yourself part. I’ve done a lot of marketing for my own business and products so I know how difficult it is. It’s so easy to promote somebody else’s book or restaurant or product/service but when it comes to our own, it’s hard. And it’s like your family or “friends” are more likely to buy something you sell when they know it’s from someone else/from the store. We haven’t been brought up to value ourselves and be proud of what we do and who we are (at least in “judeo-christian” Europe) But comes a time when you need to get over it and start promoting yourself because if you don’t, it’s just like saying you don’t believe in what you’ve to offer!!! If you truly believe in your product/service, if you know it’ll provide a value to the buyer, then you must market it : )

    It’s really interesting this KickStarter thing, where’s your link?
    Have you thought btw to find an “editor” online via ? Some people there are amazing writers and mostly they’ve a Beta-editor, it’s not a professional but if you’ve a first look at your Novella, the second editor will have to edit less = less hours = less money ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maybe even someone from your writing circle…
    I lack time for my own book, and English is just a secondary language for me so I’d not be good at it, but I think you can find help out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Success James!

    • Thank you H, I’ll Check that Site out

      And you’re right, we’re not brought up to Believe in ourselves like that

      I Appreciate your Encouragement, and Constant Support… Also Thank your Mom for her Lovely Review on Kindle… I meant to E-mail you about that, can’t recall if I did, Lol

      Anyway thank you H


      • I will tell her ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ps: You know your Mom’s friend could attract clients by playing the Ayn Rand/Fountainhead card. Now that the movie came out and that the second part is being filmed, many fans out there are looking to connect with like-minded people. That’s btw how the book “Libres” started, we connected trough Atlas Shrugged being translated and then the making of the film. Anyone who read Ayn Rand would love to hire an Architect who got inspired by Howard Roark! if there’s 1 thing I learned from doing marketing is that the client doesn’t buy your product because of the product but because of who you are.
        I’m just saying…

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