Paid To Play – Day One

Paid To Play

by DarkJade

Day One

June 17th, 2012




Sean McClue makes his way out of the Airport, carrying two black suitcases.

He’s wearing grey sweatpants, a black hoody sweatshirt and a backwards Salt Lake Bees baseball hat.

He tries to wave down a taxi to no avail.

He’s also got a set of IPod earplugs on, and is listening to…

“What a way to make it to the Majors…” he thinks to himself.

“They don’t get any nicer than Mack Rodgers…” he finally gets a Taxi, and gives the Driver a Santa Monica address.

“They say they don’t know when he’ll be able to play again, but I’m sure they’ll pick someone up to replace me if he isn’t back in the next few weeks” he continues thinking.

“Just goes to show… You never know man… You just never know”

A New Song comes on, on his IPod…

“So Greg’s Sister lives in Santa Monica… I figured I’d just stay with them tonight, then head out to Anaheim in the morning for Batting Practice…”

“They were able to beat the Diamond Backs 2 to 0 tonight, so that’s good…”

“The Giants come to town tomorrow night, that will be tough… Giants have been playing well… And that will be my First Major League Start as a Catcher… I can hardly believe it”


Sean arrives at Greg Sonder’s Sister’s House, where she lives with her husband Ted, and two boys, Nicky and Bobby… Both of who do their best to steal Sean’s Baseball Cap.




As he walks out onto the Ball Field, he’s now wearing the same grey sweatpants, and black hoody sweatshirt, but is wearing an Angel’s Baseball hat backwards.

Listening to…

“None of this really matters like I say… There’s at least three guys playing back up catchers for other teams right now, all better players than me.”

Sean walks out to the middle of the Field, and can hardly believe he’s there.


Sean is sitting with the Angel’s Coach

“Alright, you know as much as I, this is most likely a temporary thing…” he explains.

“But, none the less, we need you to “Walk the Walk”… If you know what I mean”.” he finishes, and Sean simply nods.

“No problem Coach… Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it…” Sean replies.

The Coach looks through Sean’s File “Says here you’ve had about a .273 Lifetime Minor’s Batting Average…” he says, then looks at Sean.

“Yeah, I’ve done alright…” Sean replies.

“That’s pretty good for a Catcher” the Coach concludes, then puts down the file.

“Oh, and rumor has it you were about to drop out of Baseball…” the Coach suddenly says, catching Sean off guard.

“I??” Sean says without thinking.

“Don’t worry about it, I know it gets hard after that many years in the Minors… I just wanta make sure you’re putting that on hold for a while?” the Coach asks.

Sean smiles “Uh… Yeah Coach”.

“My Mitt and Arm are yours to do with as you please, for as long as you need…” Sean continues.

The Coach smiles, stands, and shakes Sean’s hand…

“Good… Welcome to the Majors Sean” he concludes.

Sean’s leaving the office, when he gets a text from Greg Sonders.

“Hey Boss… Just wanted to let you know I’ll be arriving in L.A. early enough to catch at least most of your Game Tonight… Good Luck”

Sean Texts him back.

“Sounds good Greg…”

He then receives another Text.

“Also, Marty in Utah said he got another call from your… Uh… “Sister””

With this Sean comes to a halt “Ah damn… My Sister”

“I’ll deal with this on the cab ride home” he thinks to himself, and then throws on his headset once more, and heads to Batting Practice.



SF 5 ANGELS 3, Sean Goes 0-4


Paid To Play – Part 1

2 Responses to “Paid To Play – Day One”

  1. Lamberta Says:

    Loved the music & the episode. 🙂

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