Allure… Wolf, Man… Vampire

Allure… Wolf, Man… Vampire

by DarkJade

“As We Lay There In The Night, Within His Large, Dark Canopy Bed… His Arms Wrapped Tightly Around Me… I Could Feel His Cool Breath Against The Back Of My Neck… And I Knew… Yes I Knew… I Could Not Stay”



Roy Milon stands, both Sawed Off Shot Guns Pulled, with some 8 or so Zombies Exiting the Graves… And The Wolf had ran off.

“Alright Then… If It’s a Fight You Want… It’s A Fight You’ll Get” he speaks more to himself, then the Zombies.




He lets off several shots, knocking some limbs off the Zombies, but of course they kept comen… As Zombies do.

When Suddenly the Rumble of Arram’s Mustang could be heard from behind him, entering the graveyard…


The Roof is down, Arram is Driving, and Seth is in the Passenger Seat…

“GET IN!!” yells Arram to Roy, which he does after taking a few more shots…




He then leaps into the back of the Mustang, and they tear off!


“Oh, now there’s Zombies??!! Great” speaks Seth, as Roy gets himself situated in the back seat,

“Seen worse…” replies Roy with a half smile.

Roy then looks back at the graveyard only to see the Green Oozing Myst surrounding the graveyard dissipate, and the Zombies returning to their vacant graves.

“Creepy” Roy says under his breath, as he reloads his Shotguns…

Arram looks back at Roy in her rear view mirror…

Even dirty this guys still good looken…” she thinks to herself. I may only be 16, but I’m not dead.

“So Listen! We were thinken–” she starts to say back to Roy, but he cuts her off.

“I’m In!” he replies.

“Cool, so we’ll be like the “A Team” right?” says Seth looking at Arram who ignores him, then back at Roy…

“Uh… Sure kid” Roy replies.

“More like “Scooby and his Gang” Arram says under her breath, as the Mustang makes its way out of the Forest.


The Dark Man they’ve been following stands looking over the ocean, as the sea wind blows through him.

He wears is typical all black attire, with a dark purple vest.

“Your Daughter won’t just leave me be my love…”

His eyes swirl a black, red, and purple… Glowing.

“I’m afraid either she, or I, won’t make it out of this thing alive…”

“Well… I’m already not alive… But you get my drift…”



“So your Uncle sends you money? To fight Vampires??… A bit odd, don’t you think?” Roy says to Arram.

“Yes!” replies Seth.

“Shut up Seth!” Arram says, and slugs him in the arm.

“Yes… And no” Arram then replies to Roy.

“He doesn’t “Send” me money… He deposit it into My Account…” she explains.

“And it comes from my inheritance from My Mother… He’s The Trustee of My Mother’s Estate” she explains, a bit awkwardly, as she’s only 16.

“So Your Mom Had Money!!??” Seth blurts out.

“Well… No… Not exactly… I don’t know, I’m just a kid…” Arram replies.

She then lets down her blue hair, and looks in the mirror again at Roy who is casting his gaze out the window.

She quickly looks away.

“Barely…” Roy replies without looking away from the view.

“Hey! Keep your Creepy!! Late Twenties!! Eyes To Yourself There Conan!!” Seth lets out at Roy, who just smiles back at him…

“Conan… I like that” Roy replies…

Arram smiles to herself.

The Mustang Tears down the Road…




Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt



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14 Responses to “Allure… Wolf, Man… Vampire”

  1. YAY! So glad I could read this tonight : ) Thanks James!
    I really really enjoy the story and the style you use. It’s funny while there’s something tragic about it and you’ve many secrets up your sleeve I believe : )
    Ps: really nice music!

    • Thanks H, I’m glad you liked it… It’s true, I do have some Secrets in the background… I’m glad that you’re enjoying the Humor, and that you are indeed picking up on the Tragic Aspect

      The nice thing about having Humor in it, is you know things might get bad whenever the joking stops, Lol

      Beware The Darkness!! Lol It’s like a Water Faucet of Tension that I have at my disposal, yah know


  2. I love this story! 🙂

    “Your daughter won’t just leave me be my love…”

    That kind of made my heart hurt, especially with the excerpts of her mother’s book. And the music is perfect with this feeling.

    • Thank you Beth

      There’s always a splash of tragic love associated with Vampire Stories, don’t you think

      I’m really enjoying the Story as well, and am curious where the Characters will take me from here


      • I totally agree – there is something tragic and romantic with a lot of vampire stories. Even though I like all kinds of characters, the darker ones tend to be some of my favorites – especially vampires. 🙂 Half of the vampires I write about are heroes, but I’m trying to keep some of that darkness in them too. When I think about it, I think most of the vampires in my stories have the more tragic pasts to deal with. Lol, that must be a subconscious thing on my part – I’ll have to work on making a dark witch or shapeshifter too, just to even things out a bit more. 🙂

        I’m loving Arram’s character too. You’re really good at giving all of your characters a different feel. I can’t wait to read more of this! 🙂

        • I like Darker Characters as well… Darth Vader is one of My All Time Favorite Characters

          Yeah, when I Write, the Characters kind of take on a life of their own… So they’re generally different than one another

          Shape Shifters kick ass

          Thanks Beth


  3. It’s funny how we are attracted by Magickal creatures, but aren’t we all born from MagicK… Everything is part of Nature…

    • Magic tends to reform Nature

      It’s the Artist, Creator, and Child within us I think that draws us to Magic… Magic Stretches the Imagination… Anything is Possible… Nature is Limited

      But that’s the way it’s meant to be, Our Minds have the ability to stretch, and stretch and stretch… But by also including Nature’s Aspect in it, it makes it feel more real, which makes it more possible to connect to it, yah know

      Magic = Imagination

      Nature = Mortality

      Blending the two, Creates the Connect

      This is off the hip, but sounds pretty accurate I think, Lol

      I’ve always connected “Imagination” to “Magic”… “magi” is even in the spelling of Imagination


      • Ha, I knew I still needed to reply to this : )

        True, Magic is Imagination, Anything one imagine is possible, just like the Vacuum, the Void 😉
        But to me, Nature & Magic(k) are the same, and to me, Nature isn’t limited, how could it be, it’s pure Energy…

        Indeed, never thought of that, imagination/magic, just like image/magic and the most important key in Magic(k) is visualization : )

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