Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXVIII) – Shadow Wizards

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress Of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

Chapter XXVIII – Shadow Wizards





The top of the Northern Tower, blown off by The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd’s great lightning, which he had summoned from his staff… King Eterr looks upon The Great Black Dragon Moskk…

On the Dragon’s back, King Eterr’s Queen Sorceress Olamna, her hands tied behind her back, and mouth gagged.


“YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT A “DRAGON’S” AFFAIR IS NOW, EH… MORTAL…” replies Moskk in a Dragon esq growl…

Suddenly the second Shadow Wizard, the one with the eye patch, in a flash of lavender light, appears upon the back of Moskk…

“EEM KNYY” he speaks, and Olamna’s binds and gag disappear.

“NO…” Hemmingbyrd speaks under his breath.

With this Queen Sorceress Olmana stands straight up upon Moskk’s back, and raises her hands into the air…

“FREE!!” she yells.

And before Moskk can react, she teleports both her, and the Shadow Wizard, off of the dragon in a flash of blue green light.

King Eterr sneers, and raises his great black blade above Hemmingbyrd “And now to dispatch with you…”

But just as he goes to strike Hemmingbyrd down, The Blue Wizard teleports himself onto Moskk’s back…

CHINGG!!” his sword strikes the tower rock where Hemmingbyrd had only moments ago stood.

“NOOO!!!” Eterr lets out, and casts his gaze of rage towards Hemmingbyrd who is now on Moskk’s back.

Just then Moskk starts to take a deep breath in…

King Eterr realizing what is about to happen, jumps down the stairs, but before he strikes the ground one level down, the Great Ice Breath of Moskk fills the better half of the tower with Ice, freezing King Eterr mid fall…


Meanwhile the remaining six Knights of The Dark Fortress of Doom stumble out into the Royal Courtyard, only to come face to face with the Second Male Golem, and his Great Axe…


HACKKK!!” he strikes two of the Knights, cutting them completely in half.

AHHHHH!!!!” they yell, as the other four dive behind Royal Bushes.

“Great Scott!!” speaks Sir Elm who can see what has occurred from the fountain where the Female Statue turns to face him, after whacking Agatha some hundred feet away.

SWOOSH!!” just then Tu Masa swoops down, picks up Sir Elm with one of her Dragon Claws, and tosses him onto her back…

“HOLD ON HUMAN!!” yells Tu Masa, as she quickly heads straight into the air, just barely avoiding being whacked with the Warrior Statue’s Spear.

Meanwhile one hundred feet away, Morr tends to Agatha, who is knocked unconscious from the Great Golems mighty blow… Her Black hair, once again golden blond, and face bloodied slightly…

He touches her face “You have to wake Agatha… We need you…” a blood tear comes to his eye, and he quickly wipes it away.

“How Touching…” Morr hears a woman’s voice speak from behind him, and he quickly turns to see that it’s Queen Sorceress Olamna, and by her side the one eyed Shadow Wizard…. Morr’s eyes glow a fierce yellow, as he exposes his fangs and claws.

“A Vampire in love with a Mortal…” she continues.

“How quaint…” she finishes.

Just as Morr moves to attack Olamna, The Shadow Wizard brings forth a beam of what appears to be sunlight…

Morr jumps back as the light strikes between Olmana and Agatha.

“HaHaHa!!” Olmana lets out a cackle, and then pulls Agatha to her with her staff… Agath hovers over to her, and Morr, not thinking comes at Olamna again, and this time The Shadow Wizard’s beam of sunlight strikes him down…

“SCREEETCCHHH!!” he lets out a scream, and falls to the ground.

“Bring him…” she speaks as she then teleports herself and Agatha out of the courtyard.

The Shadow Wizard bows slightly in agreement.




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