Allure… The Escape

Allure… The Escape

“Two of La Fon’s Long Time Friends… And When I Say Long Time, I Mean Hundreds Of Years… Arrived To See Him… Perhaps To Seek His Counsel… For He Was Very Wise… Not Rash Like The Others Of His Kind… But He Did Not Let Them Too Close To Me, No, I Merely Wore My Best Blue Dress, And Waved Down At Them As The Three Of Them Stood At The Bottom Of The Stairs… One Of Them Wore A Top Hat, And Spoke Perfect English… It Seemed He Preferred To Blend In With Humans… He Paid Me No Mind… But The Other… The Other I Can Not Forget… The Mere Thought Of Him Gives Me The Chills… His Silver, White Hair, Down To His Shoulders… And He Did Not Try To Hide What He Was… No… Not For A Moment… I Can Still See His Glowing Green Eyes Glaring Up At Me, When I Close My Own… And His Claw Like Hand, With The Black Stoned Ring, Which He Clutched The Stair Banister With…

Tonight They Would Feed Together… The Three Of Them… Like Old Times I Suspect…

La Fon Said That They’d Likely Be Gone For Several Days… For They Travel Far, And Wide… Making Their Rounds To Some Of Their Favorite Places In The World.

This Is When I Would Make My Escape… I Only Hope That It’s Enough Time.


Arram lays in her bed, holding her mother’s book, “Vampire’s Lust”… She sits it down after reading it out loud to Seth, who is on the other bed, which is closer to the T.V.

Arram catches her breath.

“My Mother was a Romantic…” she says with doe eyes.

Seth turns and looks at her “Are you crazy… That’s not romantic, she’s going to totally ditch the guy, without even saying goodbye”, he then looks back at the T.V., whilst finishing a small carton of ice cream.

“So now you’re rooting for the Vampire?” she asks.

Seth turns back and looks at her… Is silent for a moment… “Yeah” he replies, and then goes back to watching the T.V.

Arram wearing her pink and blue, duck covered flannel pajamas, and big Sylvestor The Cat Slippers, walks over to the window, and peers out into the night.

“The three of us finally reached a very small northern town… And everything inside me said he was near…”

“Roy Millon secured us two rooms, one for Seth and I, as these days, neither of us could sleep very well alone… Two double beds as usual…”

“And Roy got his own room… Though somehow I wondered if he ever truly slept…”

“He insisted on paying for our rooms, though I have my own money… But it doesn’t seem like an act of generosity, as much as it seemed like an act of a man who doesn’t think he’s going to be around long enough to spend what he has…”

“Roy has the look of some barbaric hunter who would not rest until his prey was dead…”

“And this time, his prey, was our Vampire.”


“When we arrived in town this afternoon, Seth and I, as per usual, headed to the local burger and shake joint…”

“I sent Seth in with my order of a Cheese Burger, Curly Fries, and a Strawberry Milk Shake…”

“I liked to rotate flavors, it kept things interesting, to a degree…”

“Meanwhile I headed to a phone booth to call my uncle Tom, something he suggested over me using my cell phone to call him…”


Uncle Tom sits in a dark room, with a fire… Smoking a pipe, with his cane leaned up against his lavish easy chair.

RING” Uncle Tom’s phone rings, and he picks up.

“Hello Daisy… I mean Arram… Sorry about that.”

“I will make a deposit for you today… No problem.”

“What??” with this Tom stands, almost losing his balance, he reaches for his cane to regain balance.

“What Hunter is this??” he speaks as he walks over to his living room window, and opens the dark curtains… Letting in a great deal of sunlight, he flinches from it for a moment, then adjusts.

“Anyone else you bring into this, will only be in danger Arram…”

“Saved your life?”

“Brought himself into it eh…”

“Very well… But I want you to start calling me more frequently now…”

“No… For now on, call me on my cell phone… I will be traveling for a while…”

He hangs up his phone.

“Time I intervened…”

Uncle Tom walks with cane over to an elaborate chest, and opens it with a Large, Old looking Skeleton Key from around his neck.

CREEE” is the sound it makes as it opens…

Within it, there all manner of weapons and strange objects…

Three Large Crossbows, old in nature… Three or more Silver Sabres… Several Vials of some form of liquid, which he holds up in the light… Also, several small mirrors, and many, many unrecognizable objects.

“ZORIN!!” he yells, and a 7 Foot man, with dark skin, and a turban enters the room.

“Yes my Lord…” the man replies in a deep, middle eastern, calm voice.

“Load the Old Rolls Royce… We’re going on a trip” Uncle Tom demands.

“Yes My Liege…” the man responds, and slightly bows.

Uncle Tom then smacks the chest with his cane “And bring this thing with us… Just throw it in the trunk” he finishes.


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt



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  1. So happy you posted the next part!
    Great choice of music for this 😉

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