Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXIX) – Diligence

Chess With Agatha

And The Dark Fortress Of Doom…

A Novel by DarkJade

Chapter XXIX – Diligence (This Chapter Is a Bit Longer than the Norm, but I felt it was Needed)





Agatha awakens in the dark of a dungeon… She reaches for her head, which is wounded.

“Hello my Daughter…” her father’s voice suddenly breaks the silence.

She looks behind her, and starts to stand, but realizes that she is chained.

Before her, is the Golden Haired Visage of her Father, King Elias…

Wounded, Beaten and tired… He’s able to crack a slight smile at her.

At first she can not speak… Her leather clothing is also torn, but her golden hair lays upon her shoulders, and her blue eyes are able to muster a sparkle for her Father…

“Father?” she asks, but knows that it is true.

“It’s been a long time… And you do look different without your flowing black hair…” The King speaks.

She smiles slightly “The Black returns when I am angry, or in battle…”.

“Yes…” he replies “Cough Cough” he coughs, as his head falls, as he is weak.

Agatha stretches her chains in hopes to reach him “Father…”

His face raises again “It’s ok Agatha… Everything will be ok” he assures her.

She begins to shake her head “No… I have Failed you Father….” she replies, as she bows her head in shame.

“You have penetrated King Eterr’s Castle, hardly scathed, killed his Archers and Beholder… I hardly think you’ve “Failed” me…” he speaks to her in his calm Fatherly voice, like none other could.

She looks at him “I wish I could remember you… But I… I can’t” she bows her head again.

“Part of you is still in the Realm of Earth… Until you have finished what you have there… You will never truly be home” he explains.

“But My Parents?” she questions.

“Agamemnon is your Father there… He… Is me…” he continues.

Agatha sits, and puts her face in her hands “I feel as though I’m being torn in half”

“Well… You are” he says.

With this she looks up at him “And My Mother?… My… Real Mother?”

The King does not reply at first… “Another time My Daughter”

“That’s what Agamemnon said” she replies in frustration.


Queen Sorceress Obamna sits in the Throne… To her left, The Shadow Wizard whom has two eyes… And the Gorgon, who is in some form of wakeful sleep, as to not turn anyone to stone. Hanging upside down from the Ceiling, is the Body of Jodan… The Lycanthrope… Slain.

To Her right, The One Eyed Shadow Wizard…. And Morr in a Cell of Magical Sunlight, Captured and barely conscious.

“ENTER WIZARD!” she calls out towards the entrance, which is closed.

The doors open, and it is The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, staff in hand…

With him is Sir Elm of Tardenwhal, his great sword upon his back, and King Eterr chained with his arms behind his back.

The remaining Four Knights of The Dark Fortress of Doom also enter the Chamber.

“My King…” The Queen speaks under her breath.

King Eterr is silent, but scopes out the room.

Also entering the chamber are the Dragon’s Moskk, and Tu Masa, both in their human form.

Iliad the Fool also wanders into the room, but stands off in the back.

“I suppose you wish to request a “Trade”…” speaks Queen Sorceress Obamna.

Hemmingbyrd takes note of Jodan’s body hanging from the ceiling, then gazes darkly at The Queen.

She follows his gaze, then returns it to him.

“War is Hell… Now make your Proposal” she demands.

“We request a Trade… King Eterr, for our King Elias, his Daughter, Agatha… And Morr…” speaks Hemmingbyrd planely.

“HaHaHa!!” she laughs darkly, and looks at her Shadow Wizards, who both squint their eyes darkly.

“Now that’s hardly fair now… Is it” she states blankly.

“No, here is how it will go… You will release King Eterr to me, and I shall fetch your Gallant King Elias from our lowly Dungeon…” she explains.

All are quiet.


As Agatha sits, her head bowed down, Iliad’s voice appears in her head.

Sorry Agatha…”

Agatha’s head rises in a jolt.

“Iliad?? Where are you” she replies to him in her mind.

“It has to be this way Agatha…” speaks her Father.

Agatha looks at her Father with desperate bright blue eyes, her hair slowly starting to turn black.

“I will not forget you” Iliad speaks for the last time.

“Iliad?? Iliad what are you doing?? ILIAD!!” she yells to him in her mind, but he does not reply.


“Take me for the Girl…” suddenly Iliad’s voice comes from the back of the room, as he steps forward.

He discards his Fools hat to the floor as he approaches… It jingles as it hits the ground.


“Stand back Iliad… I will handle this” speaks Hemmingbyrd, but to no avail… Iliad now stands some forty feet from the throne.

King Eterr seems bored by this, and his mind kind of wanders off.

“And Who… Might you be” questions the Queen, obviously unimpressed.

“Well… Technically speaking… I am a “Bishop” within the Scheme of the “Game”… I am the Second Magician, of Agatha’s choosing” he explains earnestly.

“Iliad…. What are you doing” speaks Hemmingbyrd in Iliad’s mind, but he ignores him.

The Queen just sits there staring at him.

“And the Girl… HaHa… She is no “Queen” like yourself… No… She is but a Girl, who doesn’t even remember this place… She has but played the “Role” of something more, than she actually is” he forces a smile at the Queen.

King Eterr finally looks over at the Fool, and sighs.

But the Queen begins to Anger at this conversation, her eyes beginning to brew a dark purple flame.

“So what I offer you is Me… For The Girl, who will surely return to her New Realm, never to be seen again” Iliad starts to sweat now, noting the Queen’s anger.

“ILIAD!” yells Hemmingbyrd in the Fool’s mind.

“ILIAD!!!!!” also yells Agatha within his mind, all of which is greatly distracting, but he is diligent... Yes, he is Strong. With this he smiles slightly at the Queen, with confident joy, that she will surely agree to the arrangement.

Suddenly Queen Sorceress Olamna stands “I’ll do one better…” she speaks, and then smacks her Dark Serpent Staff against the floor of the Throne room.

KLONGGG!!” and a great swirling purple fire surrounds the fool, taking him into the air, and in one terrible burst of green and lavender fire, burns him to ashes.

“NOOOO!!!” Sir Elm yells, and moves forward with his Great Sword… But the Shadow Wizards are quick to Hold him where he stands with great blue magical light.

“I Trade Your Bishop… And Give You Your Rook…” suddenly the prison of magical sunlight disappears, and Morr is free.

“Which is more valuable than your Bishop” she continues.

“Iliad… No” Morr says under his breath as he slumps to the floor.

“Count me as generous… But the Girl, is Mine!!” states the Queen as she sits back down…

Suddenly Morr begins to look more human than like a Vampire… No, he now takes on the look of a Most Noble Knight, his Armor Silver, and Ornate… His hair no longer a dark black, but a dark wavy brown.

King Eterr takes note… “No…” he says under his breath.

And The Young Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd begins to turn much, much older, which immediately catches the attention of the Shadow Wizards who look at one another in fear…

King Eterr steps forward… “What man was this Our Queen has slain?”

One of the Dark Fortress of Doom Knights steps forward “He was but a Fool… King Elias’s Fool to be precise”

King Eterr is speechless.

Suddenly Queen Sorceress Olamna steps forward “WHAT!!! WHAT WAS THE FOOL DOING WITH YOU IN THE GUISE OF ONE OF YOUR MAGICIANS!!” she demands.

Hemmingbyrd seeming as though he has just awoken from a great sleep, strokes his very grey beard, and notes his Great White Staff of Jundo, which has replaced the one he had held before.

“The Curse… Has been broken” speaks Hemmingbyrd.


Suddenly the Dark Fortress of Doom, sheds its Darkness, and turns back to a Great White, Beautiful, and Peaceful Castle… Its Gargoyals Turn to Angels… Its Shadows, turn to light.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Warrior King


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