Allure… Too Late

Allure… Too Late

“The Train Left The Station Sometime After Midnight… It Was Near Empty As I Sat Alone Peering Out The Window Into The Darkness… With The Full Moon Blaring, I Could See His Castle High Upon His Families Estate… There Was No Turning Back… No… It Was Too Late For That…”



Arram sits her Mother’s Book down, as Seth is Driving… She peers out her window, the wind blows through her blue hair, as the roof is down on her Convertible Mustang…

Seth is Blaring Music on the Radio, well Roy sits in the back, sharpening his over sharpened hunting knife…

Roy leans forward, and sees the book “Vampire’s Lust” sitting on the front bench seat, between Seth and Arram.

“Whatcha readen there…” he asks.

Arram grabs the book, and stuffs it in her bag… Seth turns down the radio, and is about to reply, but Arram quickly changes the channel on the radio, and turns it up…

“Music!” she says playfully, and starts dancing in her seat…

“KATY PERRY? REALLY??” says Seth loudly over the music.

Roy shakes his head, leans back in the seat, and goes back to over sharpening his knife.

The car cruises down the coastline…

As they enter a Northern Beach town, and Seth has turned down the music, Roy leans forward again.

“How do you know he’s heading this way?” Roy asks.

“I just do…” replies Arram, as she puts her hair up into a ponytail.

Seth looks at Roy “Nice, right?”

Roy sits back in his seat.

As they enter the town, Arram notices the local High School down the road to the right.

“Head over there…” she says and points towards the school.

Seth takes a right and slowly drives by it.

“This is where he’ll come…” states Arram morosely.

“He likes em young, eh?” Roy replies as he scopes the surrounding buildings.

“Easy pickings…” interjects Seth.

“And seventy five percent of them walk home…” adds Roy.

“Younger people are trusting…” adds Arram.

Seth and Roy both look at Arram.

“What? It’s true… Life hasn’t worn them down…” she continues.

They both keep looking at her.

“Or so I hear…” she finishes, now uneasy from them staring at her.

“There’s a Hotel…” Arram points up ahead.

“Right next to “Ed’s Buns”… A Burger Joint, nice” adds Seth

Arram looks back at Roy “We’re going to go get–” she starts to say, but Roy interrupts.

“Cheese Burgers and Shakes, gotcha… I’ll catch up with you…” Roy interjects.

Arram nods.

They pull into the parking lot, and Seth and Arram go to the restaurant.

Meanwhile Roy makes his way over towards the school


Roy walks around the perimeter of the school, noting nearby trees, and shadowy places where a Vampire might be waiting… Watching.



Roy arrives, and sits next to  Seth with a smile.

Seth is mildly annoyed, as Roy is huge, and takes up most of their side of the bench seating.

But he continues happily dipping french fries in his chocolate shake.

Arram once again has a Strawberry Shake, for the third day in a row.

“I thought you liked variety?” asks Roy.

“How do you know I like variety?” she replies.

“I just know” he says with a smile, and lights a cigar.

Arram takes the cigar out of his hand, and dips it in the Coke she got him.

“You can’t smoke in here…” she says.

Roy notices there’s also an extra burger and fries, and starts to eat the burger without the bun.

Seth gives him a weird look.

“It will be Summer soon…” Arram suddenly says.

Both of them look up at her from their food.

“He’ll have to change his feeding habits… The kids won’t be in school…” she continues.

“Which means he’ll be harder to track…” replies Roy with a pensive look.

The waitress arrives, one look at Roy and “Wow…” she says without thinking.

“You are a big fellow…” the waitress continues.

Suddenly she has the coke with the cigar held up  at her “Could you get him a refill please, this one has a cigar in it” speaks Arram.

“Sure dear… No problem” replies the waitress, taking one more look at Roy, who winks at her.

This does not amuse Arram.

“Either of you guys no anyone who owns an Older Like Rolls Royce…” Roy suddenly states as he glares out into the parking lot.

Arram looks at Roy.

“Cuz one just pulled in to the parking lot, and there’s like a seven foot Indian driver wearing a turban that’s heading this way, looking in at yah…” Roy finishes.

Suddenly Arram jumps out of her seat with a huge smile…

“ZORIN!!” she says loudly, runs outside, and jumps into his arms.


“Zorin! Is Uncle Tom with you??” she looks over at the Old Rolls Royce, and sees her Uncle Tom get out of the back seat, with his white ivory cane.

She runs over “Uncle Tom!” and gives him a big hug.

Meanwhile Roy and Seth had made their way out into the parking lot.

Zorin gives Roy an unpleasant look as he passes by.

Roy just looks up at him and half smiles.

“Hello my Daisy Arram…” speaks Uncle Tom, who has dark brown hair, with some grey… And a sharply cut beard.

“Daisy?” says Roy to Seth.

“Don’t ask” Seth replies.

Meanwhile in the Shadows across the street… Red Eyes Watch…


Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt

2 Responses to “Allure… Too Late”

  1. I like where this is going! and the fact that Arram knows where to go : ) nice touch!
    Great choice of music with Def Leppard, i can imagine the scene : )

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