Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXXI) – Farewells

Chess With Agatha

And The Dark Fortress Of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

Chapter XXXI – Farewells (The Conclusion)





Agatha sits in a white dress, her long golden hair in a braid, in the middle of Iliads humble twin bed…

Though his room is simple, it is in the highest point of the Castle…

The High Tower.

Agatha holds a little black box, where she has placed Iliad’s ashes.

Hemmingbyrd enters the room, attired in blue robes as always…

He approaches her “May I?” he gestures to the spot on the bed next to her.

She nods in agreement.

He sits.

“May I have a look inside?” he gestures to the box in her hands.

She reluctantly opens it for him, revealing the purple and green ashes of Iliad within.

Hemmingbyrd then touches the end of his Jundo Staff to the box “Oin Do”, speaks some magic words, and the ashes turn to gold and red.

“His True colors…” he speaks.

Hemmingbyrd smiles and winks “Do Doran”, speaks one of his made up words, and turns to go.

“It means “Magic’s Blessings”” speaks Agatha, in regards to the words that Hemmingbyrd had just spoken. Which causes Hemmingbyrd to turn back with a slight smile.

“Indeed…” he replies, and turns away once more.

“He wouldn’t have died if I hadn’t chosen him to come…” speaks Agatha, her head dropping.

Hemmingbyrd stops.

“If he hadn’t have come, the Curse wouldn’t have been broken…” he turns back around, and walks towards the bed once more.

“And all may have been lost…” he finishes as he sits beside her once more.

She looks up at him with her bright blue eyes “I know”, and drops her head once more.

“But he was just a “Fool”…” she continues.

Hemmingbyrd stands “Oh you still think so, eh…” he speaks.

She looks up at him with curiosity in her eyes.

“I will return home after the celebration…” Agatha states.

“I know…” he replies.



Within there is dancing, and music, and merriment through the rest of the night.



Outside the Castle, Prince Morr, The Four Remaining Knights of Sthorn from their Party, who have all been made “Captains of The Guard”, Hemmingbyrd and Sir Elm of Tardenwhal all stand in a line.

Agatha approaches each of them, back in her original Black Doc Martin Boots, and Long Black Navy Pea Coat, blue jeans, a black sweater, and her vibrant blue scarf…

Prince Morr first.

“I would have liked to have spent more time with you my Lady…” Prince Morr speaks, as he takes Agatha’s left hand, Agamemnon’s Cherry Wood Cane is in her right, and kisses it.

“I Know… Me too…” she replies.

Well Morr is bowed, Agatha places the Blue stoned necklace around his neck.

“May you always be safe…” she speaks, as he rises, his hand upon the necklace.

“And Protect My Father…” she finishes.

“I shall…” Prince Morr replies.

She then approaches the Four Sthorn Light Captains…

“We shall miss you My Lady…” they all speak in synch.

“And I you…” she replies.

Then to Sir Elm…

“My Lady…” he also bows, and kisses her hand.

“Protect Prince Morr…” she says softly… Sir Elm looks over at Morr who is still admiring the necklace, then back to Agatha.

“I shall…” he replies.

She then approaches The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd.

“Ready My Dear?” he speaks.

“My Father really won’t come out?” she questions.

“He is…” with this Hemmingbyrd gestures toward Iliad’s High Tower “In dispose My Lady…”



King Elias watches from above, a Royal Tear in his eye.

He then steps away…


“I don’t think I can say goodbye to you Hemmingbyrd… That would be like “Blackening Out The Sky”…” Agatha explains.

“My Sky…” she finishes.

“Then don’t…” he says with a smile.

“Now stand over here…” Hemmingbyrd leads Agatha to a spot some twenty or so feet away, and then steps back to his original position.

He then raises his Staff into the air “ENDO MERAN!” he speaks, and suddenly the blue storm ball of lightning and light appears once more, and swirls around her…

And just as she is about to disappear, she looks at Prince Morr and reaches out her hand, as if trying to touch him…

Morr leaps forward in response… But she is gone.



In a flash of blue lightning, and light, she appears within her dark apartment.

Just then…


There is a knock on the door…

Agatha bounds over to the door, and opens it…

Standing in the doorway is the foreboding form of Agamemnon

“It seems I forgot my cane?” he speaks.

Agatha hands it to him… Then grabs onto him…

“Father!” she exclaims…

Agamemnon holds her tightly, and takes note of a long black streak of hair, within her otherwise golden locks.

He strokes the streak affectionately.

“It’s good to have you back My Dear…” Agamemnon replies.

Agatha steps back holding onto both of his forearms…

“It’s good to see you again Agamemnon…” she speaks.



Agamemnon and Agatha are playing Chess.

Agatha is about to make a move, when a whiny kind of voice comes from behind her.

“I wouldn’t make that move…” it speaks.

Agatha turns to see two men, the first a thin man, in his thirties, with stringy brown hair to his shoulders.

The other a tall, strong looking fellow, also in his thirties, with a great mane of red hair, and a red beard.

“I want you to meet Torin Angly…” Agamemnon says, gesturing to the thin man, who in turn bows.

“My Lady…” Angly replies.

“And Brimlo…” Agamemnon gestures to the tall red headed man, who also bows.

“Well met…” he speaks.

“Well then… What would you have done?” questions Agatha.

With this Angly, as he prefers to be called, steps to the side of the Chessboard, and grasps the board with both hands.

This is when Agatha notices the yellow stoned ring on his thin finger.

“Please observe…” he speaks, then yanks the board out from underneath the pieces, leaving all of them unmoved on the table where they had originally stood.

He folds, and places the board under his arm…

“Not played at all…” he says with a smile.

Agatha is in shock for a moment, first by the ring, then by this miraculous act.

“Now how about some sandwiches…” he speaks as he turns to walk away…

Agatha quickly stands “Iliad??!!” she speaks briskly.

Brimlo then takes her hand into hers, and kisses it… His eyes turning red.

“It’s good to see you again My Lady…” he speaks.

“Jodan??!!” she replies, then hugs him.

Agamemnon sweeps the Chess Pieces into a black velvet bag “Come now…” he says.

“Sandwiches sound like a good idea…” Agamemnon says as he takes Agatha’s arm, and follows Angly who is skipping and singing…”

“They Struck Me Down… But I Rose Again… Wouldn’t You Concur…”

“Besides… We have much to discuss…” Agamemnon finishes as the four of them walk away… Angly’s singing can still be heard…

“I Tried To Warn You… Indeed I Did… To Ashes I Was Burned…”



PICTURE CREDIT – Snow White’s Castle


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