Allure… The Wounded

Allure… The Wounded

“You Must Hunt Her Down La Fon… She Shall Pay For Humiliating You…” Speaks The White Haired Vampire.

“No… She Will Come Back To Me… Of That I Am Sure…” La Fon Replies.

“She Mustered Up The Courage To Leave You… Knowing Full Well It Would Likely Be The End Of Her… What Makes You Think She Will Come Back To You…” Interjects The Vampire In The Top Hat…

“It Was Never Me That Stalked Her… No… It Was She That Found Me…” Replies La Fon As He Disappears Into His Chambers.

His Vampire Comrades Look At One Another… “I Shall Find Her” Speaks The White Haired One, His Green Eyes Glowing Fiercely…


Arram is sitting by Her Uncle Tom, eating a plate of spaghetti… Seth is talking to Zorin, and eating pizza…

Roy Millon is sitting on the other side of Arram.

Suddenly she stands, and puts her blue hair into a ponytail “I’ll be right back…” she steps away to the restroom.

Roy just stares at his large steak… But he finds he’s not hungry.

He looks up to see Uncle Tom staring at him.

“So you finance your niece to slay Vampires? If you don’t mind me asking” speaks Roy.

Uncle Tom leans forward “Oh but I do mind you asking…” he replies without breaking his gaze.

“Of course you do…” Roy replies, then stands.

Arram returns “Where are you going Roy?” she asks as he starts to walk away from the table.

“I’m going to go see if our friend is out there hunting…” he states, then disappears.

Arram’s gaze follows him, but she quickly sits back by her Uncle.

“He’s an interesting man…” Uncle Tom says.

“Uh… Yeah… I guess” Arram replies, and takes another bite of her spaghetti, swirling the noodles around her fork, then sucking them down.

“NO! NO YOUNG SIR!!” Zorin suddenly yells, and Arram and Uncle Tom both look over and see Seth trying to take Zorin’s turban.

Seth and Zorin both look at Uncle Tom and Arram.

“I wanted to try it on?” speaks Seth… Arram smiles.


There is a High School dance, and many students are outside sneaking drinks, and smokes, and chattering.

One blond girl in particular seems a bit down.

“What’s wrong Shelly?” her friends asks.

“Oh… I just thought it would be easier than this coming to the dance alone… But–” she starts to say as she plays with a small branch that has fallen from the tree behind them, but her friend interjects.

“He’s the one that cheated on you Shelly… He’s not worth your time… You’re so pretty… And Smart… You’ll meet better… Maybe this Summer?” her friend says encouraging.

“Yeah… I guess…” Shelly replies.

“Come on, lets go back in…” her friend suggests.

“Nah… I think I’m goina head home…” Shelly replies.

“Ok then, let me just get my purse from our table and I’ll take you…” her friends replies.

“No Karen, that’s alright, I’ll walk… I could use the walk anyway” Shelly says as she starts to wander off.

“Ok? If you say so…” Karen replies, then heads back into the dance.



Shelly makes her way down the sidewalk, holding her breath between each lamppost…

“Why am I so nervous tonight… I walk this way all the time…” she thinks to herself, making sure not to step on the lines on the sidewalk.

Suddenly an unusual cool air sweeps over her, and the whole area… And each time she passes a lamppost, the light pops and breaks…


She notes it, but starts to sing to herself, and rubs her arms to keep warm… But it’s not working.


“Ok… This is just weird…” she thinks to herself.

POP!” the third time it happens, she jumps inadvertently.

“Jesus!” she says out loud.

“I remember him…” a voice suddenly comes from behind her, but she starts walking faster.


“He was a good man…” the voice continues, as if it’s right behind her, though she is walking much faster now.

She starts to run…

And sweat slightly, as her heart’s pace quickens…

She runs around a corner… And he’s there.

Standing in the middle of the sidewalk, picking petals off a flower.

She stops, breathing quickly “Hello…” she says without thinking.

He looks up.

It’s too bad…” he says.

“What’s too bad?” she asks, not knowing what else to do.

“Flowers… Their lives are so short” with this he tosses the flower stem away and starts to move towards her…

She can not move… Paralyzed by his gaze… And deep… Brown eyes.

VROOMMM!” suddenly Arram’s Mustang comes around the corner, and pulls up alongside the two of them.

Roy is driving it…

“Need a lift little lady?” he asks Shelly, but is looking at the Dark Haired man.

“I… Uh…” the girl replies, unable to move.

The Vampire releases his gaze… And suddenly she can move, and jumps in the passenger side of the car.

“Sure… Thanks…” she says so very relieved.

“So if you’re taking her home… Who will watch over Arram…” speaks the Vampire.

Roy just stares at him “I do believe Uncle Tom will handle that, thanks for asking…”

He didn’t do so well last time… The Vampire says.


Suddenly the light by the car goes out, and before Roy can drive off, the Vampire is at the side of the car, his hand around Roy’s throat.

“GLECHH!” Roy gasps as he tries his best to remove the Vampire’s hand, to no avail.

“Never… Interuppt… My Feeding” he tightens the grip, Roy starts to go unconscious…




Roy is being shaken by Shelly…

“Sir… Sir… Are you alright??” she says.

Roy leaps out of the Mustang, and draws both sawed off shotguns.

“I think he’s gone…” Shelly says.

Roy is freaked out for a moment, but then gets back into the car…

“Boy I wish you were right…” he says.

VROOMMM SCREETCH!!” and drives off.


PICTURE CREDIT – Sign Up Vampire Knight

Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

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Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Twelve – The Hunt



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