Whisper Moon – Changes

Whisper Moon (Episode XVI) – Changes


June 6th, 2012


After much consideration, I decided to leave New York… With all that had happened, it just didn’t feel like home anymore.

And frankly, I’m not all that interested in battling Drug Lords, when every time one goes down, another one rises.

Not to be disloyal… But New York is on her own. And lets face it, She’s always done ok on her own anyway… She being “New York”.

Jonan sits in his office chair, looking out over the bay below his home…

“I recently found out that Chicago has these amazing buildings where people live… They’re like their own cities, and sit right up against the water (I actually really did just find out about these buildings, Check This Post out)… In fact, I don’t even have to use a car, or even a taxi for that matter if I don’t want to… I can take a boat down to my favorite restaurants…”

“Life is good…”

Just then Paul comes to Jonan’s office door.

“Knock Knock…” he says.

“Come on in Paul…” Jonan replies.

“What’s the latest” Jonan asks as Paul sits in one of the two black leather chairs in front of Jonan’s desk.

“The Black Raven Mercenaries have been sent on there way, with nice bonus checks, like you wanted…” Paul explains.

“Ah good… Thanks for taking care of that for me” Jonan replies.

“No problem Boss… Mack says anytime we need em, just let em know…” Paul continues.

“Mack?” replies Jonan.

“He was their edgy looking, gravely voiced leader” Paul explains.

“Ah, ok… I made it a point never to ask any of them their names” Jonan replies.

“That’s probably for the best, Boss…” Paul stands.

“Also Guru Chip set up the security, and is on the way to the airport as we speak” Paul says as he leaves.

“Thanks Paul” Jonan replies.


Jonan receives a message on his computer screen.

“Left town eh?”it’s Sasha.

“Yup, enjoy your life in New York” replies Jonan, he then clicks a Blue Switch which activates the new security, blocking Sasha out.

“I need a drink…” Jonan says out loud to himself.


20 Minutes Later

Jonan looks out over the water, and enjoys the sound of the boat motor bouncing off the surface of the water.

“Nice night for it…” a girl’s voice comes from some fifteen feet off to his left… He hadn’t seen her get there.

She’s maybe 5′ 8″, very dark brown, almost black hair just above her shoulders.

She’s wearing a slightly loose, black, knee length skirt, though she is fairly lean… But not skinny. She’s also wearing a deep purple, magenta top, with a black shawl thrown around her shoulders.

She’s looking down at the water, and doesn’t look at Jonan, though she did speak to him.

“Nice night for?” he replies without thinking.

She looks up at him, she has dark brown eyes.

“Nice night for an evening cruise…” she smiles slightly, then looks back down at the water.

Jonan smiles slightly back, but she’s already looking back at the water…

Soon the boat arrives, and Jonan looks to say cya to her, but she is gone…

“Hmm” he says to himself, then makes his way into an amazing third floor Italian Restaurant… His favorite kind of food.


“Toni’s Home… Nice” Jonan says as he enters.

A young, blond Hostess leads him to a table overlooking the water.

“Your man called ahead, and reserved one of our best tables… View wise that is…” the girl explains.

Jonan sits, and she hands him a Regular, and Wine Menu.

“Bon Appetite…” she says, and walks away.

Jonan then notices the dark haired girl sitting with a rather heavy set man, in a pinstripe black suit.

He seems to be talking at her as she takes off her shawl, and reaches for a glass of ice water.

The man then grabs her wrist and talks louder.

“You don’t be late again… You got it… You are replaceable, capice?” she kind of nods.

Jonan stands straight up, which is fairly noticeable, as everyone else is sitting in the restaurant.

Just then Paul walks in holding Jonan’s cell phone up in the air “Hey Boss, you forgot your phone…” he says as he approaches, but then takes note that Jonan is staring at the dark haired girl’s table, the gentlemen has released her wrist, but she glimpses over at Jonan just for a moment.

Paul reaches the table, and Jonan sits back down.

“Problem Boss?” Paul asks, then looks back over at that table.

Jonan doesn’t reply to the question “I left that phone home on purpose…” he explains.

“Oops” Paul replies.

Jonan then gestures to the chair across from him “Have a seat”

“Ah nah Boss I–” Paul starts to say.

“Mangia Paul… I insist” insists Jonan.

Paul sits “Oh, alright…” Paul picks up the menu.

“Two Hundred Dollars for Spaghetti?? I’ll eat at home” Paul proclaims.

“No you won’t… It’s worth it… It’s the best… Or so I hear.” Jonan explains.

During dinner Jonan notices the girl looking slightly over from time to time… Very discretely… Jonan on the other hand, is not discrete, and basically looks over at her 80% of the meal.

“You want I should get her number Boss?” Pauls asks.

“Ha… No… She’s taken” Jonan replies.

Just then the man gets up and leaves…

Jonan suddenly stands and walks to her table.

Tossing some money on his table for the check as he goes.

“Gotta love this town…” Paul says under his breath.


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  1. Oh, it is interesting! I should find the time to read the rest of your stories soon!! Great job!!

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