Whisper Moon – Debt

Whisper Moon (Episode XVII) – Debt



June 7th, 2012


Jonan is sitting alone in his office when Paul comes in.

“So did you get that girl’s number Boss?” he asks.

Jonan stares at his computer screen.

“No…” he then turns and faces Paul.

But don’t be surprised if the two of us happen to show up at that same restaurant tonight.

Paul smiles… “Ok Boss”

Jonan turns back towards his computer.

“Say… What’s her name Boss?” Paul asks.

“Serena…” Jonan replies with a half smile.


8pm Sharp

Jonan is wearing a Black Suit, with a Blue Tie… His Hair is gelled as usual, and he’s looken sharp.

He’s seated at the same table he was at the night before, and there is a bottle of Chardoney, and a Red Cabernet sat on the table… Also a Single White Rose, and a Single Red Rose in a thin glass vase.

Serena enters looking a bit wind blown, as if she ran slightly behind… But she is wearing a fairly form fitting dark red dress, and black high heals.

She also has dark red lipstick, and her hair, and eyes are as dark as ever.

She see’s Jonan, and can’t help but smile slightly.

Jonan stands straight up, and smiles back.

She approaches, and he takes her hand into his and kisses it.

“Why thank you Sir” she responds, and he pulls out her chair for her… They are sitting kitty corner from one another, with Jonan’s back to the water in the bay.

“Wouldn’t you like to switch sides so you can see the water?” Serena asks.

“Nope… I’m fine” Jonan replies lost in her eyes.

She smiles slightly, and starts to look at the menu.

“Wow, this place is expensive… I just got a Salad last night, and he picked up up the bill of course” she explains.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got the bill… If that’s alright” he questions.

“Ok…” she replies.

“Get whatever you’d like… The spaghetti and meatballs are good” he says.


They’ve finished their meals, and are quietly talking over their Cabernet

“So tell me about this guy you were here with last night…” Jonan says.

“Well… First of all, we’re not an item… I owe him some money, so he likes me to show up on his arm as a way to pay back… Well… The interest” she explains.

“Hmm… Sounds like an… Uncomfortable arrangement” Jonan replies as he pours each of them some more wine.

“It is… But I owe him a whole lot of money… And at least this way, I don’t have to make any payments, until I can get my hands on some cash” she explains.

“Wow… This is such a romantic topic” she says, then they both laugh.


“Well… I just didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s relationship, yah know…” Jonan explains.

“Well… You’re not” she replies.

“So how much do you owe this guy anyway” Jonan asks as he starts to take a drink of his wine.

“1.2 Million Dollars” she replies.

“PSSPPTT!!” with this Jonan accidentally spits up his wine.

She laughs and hands him her napkin.

“Sorry about that… Took me a bit by surprise” Jonan explains as he wipes the wine from his suit and tie.

“It’s ok… It’s a lot of money… Which is the only reason I come here with him once a week… It saves me about 50k in interest a month” she explains.

“Wow…” Jonan replies.

“What, did he front you for a Business or something?” inquires Jonan.

“Hmm… Not exactly… Lets go” she takes his hand, and Jonan tosses some money on the table for the bill.

She then comes back and grabs the Red Rose, leaving the White One behind.


They’re holding hands.

“It’s a Gambling Debt…” she explains.

“Wow… What do you bet on?” asks Jonan.

“Horses mostly… I actually own a few… But there under my sister’s name, so he can’t take them away from me, should he find out about them” she explains.

“And what does this guy do to make a living?” Jonan asks.

“Hmm… You’re not going to like this” she replies.

“Tell me” he replies back.

“I think he runs an underground Dog Fighting Ring to start…” she explains, and Jonan comes to a halt.

“Really?” Jonan replies.

“Yeah… I told you, you wouldn’t like it… What a slime” she says.

“Uh… Yeah…” Jonan replies, and then continues walking.




Jonan is on his computer, and Paul walks in.

“You rang Boss…” Paul says as he eats a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Jonan looks at him… “Yeah… We need to do some undercover work…”

“Hmm… What kind of undercover work?” Paul asks.

“An underground Dog Fighting Ring…” Jonan replies.

Suddenly rage begins to build up in Paul’s face “WHAT?!”


On the the table by Paul’s bed is a picture of Paul Playing with his old Hound Dog, Seymour… Paul looks very happy.

Also on the table is a black urn, marked Seymour.




PICTURE CREDIT – Steven Gallagher

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