Iliad (Chapter I) – Home


Book II in The Agatha Series

by DarkJade

Chapter I – Home




Agatha is sitting on the living room floor, Indian style, with a laptop to her left, and an English book to her right.

She’s wearing a red sweater, and black sweatpants.

There’s also several papers on the floor, as she works on her homework.

“It’s been almost a year since my adventures within the Plane of Ordose…

She scratches her head with the back of her pen.

“And yet somehow, it feels more like a dream now…”

She casts her bright blue eyes outside where there is a light drizzle of rain.

“I’m 18 now, and in community college… Just doing the basic classes right now”

She tries to get back to studying, but can’t seem to focus, so she gets up and goes to the kitchen where she throws some hot chocolate in the microwave.

No, there’s been no voices in my head…”

“DING” the hot chocolate is done, and she returns to the floor where she’s working.

“No black hair… Well” she starts to play with the black strand of hair that runs through her otherwise white blond mane.

“Well… Other than the one strand I seemed to have taken with me upon my return to the Earth Plane”

“But I really must say, my father, Agamemnon, as well as Angly (Iliad on the other Plane), and Brimlo (Jodan on the other Plane), have all played intricate roles in my life since my return…”

Agatha smiles.

“It may seem useless now, but Brimlo has been training me in swordplay… Something my father says I may have use for again some day…”

Agamemnon gets home, sets his cane against the inside of the doorway, and heads to the kitchen carrying several bags of Chinese food.

“Hello Agatha” Agamemnon says.

“Hi dad” she replies.

“And Agamemnon has been all a father, or mother could be…”

He walks into the living room and hands Agatha a Styrofoam container with her dinner, some chopstick and some napkins.

“Thanks dad” she speaks, and Agamemnon smiles and returns to the kitchen.

Agatha’s gaze follows him, as he eats his dinner at the dining room table, whilst reading a very thick book.

“Yes… I truly love him.”

Angly and Brimlo then get home, Brimlo with his red beard, and large form filling the doorway… And Angly who is thin, with stringy brown hair to his shoulders, and his face buried in a book.

“Hello everyone” speaks Brimlo as he comes in and goes into the kitchen.

“There’s only two of them Brimlo, that’s not enough to warrant calling them “everyone”” Angly snidely says, never taking his nose out of his book as he sits on the couch and continues to read.

“Angly on the other hand, spends most of his time reading…”

Angly peeks over his book at Agatha, who is watching, and smiles at him.

He squints, and tucks his eyes back to the book.

“But the books he reads are like nothing I’ve ever seen before…”

She continues to do her homework, taking an occasional bite of food.

“In fact, for the most part, he doesn’t actually let anyone look at the inside of the books he reads…”

Agatha suddenly gets up, carrying her food, and walks over to the dining room table where Agamemnon is eating and reading, and Brimlo is also eating. As she goes she tries to sneak a peek at what Angly is reading… But he squints again at her, and hides its contents.

“But if I was to take my best guess… I’d say they’re definitely magic related.”

She sits down, smiles at Agamemnon, who smiles back and pats her hand… She then looks over at Angly again.

“Yes, not only do I suspect the books are magical… But I also suspect… They’re not from this Plane.”

Agamemnon puts down his book “Come eat Angly” he says.

“Go ahead and eat without me” Angly replies, waving his hand over at them, but not looking away from his book.

“Angly!” Agamemnon says with more conviction, and Angly jumps off the couch reluctantly.

“Very well” and walks over to the table, still reading.

“No, I’m almost sure the books he reads come from home…”

“Angly eat!” Agamemnon snaps at Angly, and he finally sits down the book.

“Fine, fine, your majesty” he replies… Agamemnon is not amused.

“Wow.. I called it home… Even though I’ haven’t been there in almost a year… Sometimes I even surprise myself.”

They all eat.




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