The Briefcase

The Briefcase

As The Long Black Coated Man Makes his way across This Field…

Of Dark, Blue, Purple Blooms of Light

His Gloved Hand grasping Oh So Tightly to the Silver Briefcase in his hand…

The Red Sunlight, Beams Upon him

He Presses on his Shades

Big Black Boots Stomping Lightly

Cool Winds Rise…

Nothing stays the same

Reaching his Destination…

He Kneels before the Pools of Cool Blue Green Water

And Opens up his Case

From within he Pulls Forth Two White Doves…

Flapping for their Lives

His Heart Warms

But Pain Goes Through Him…

Like Warm… Steely


“Be Free Now Child”

He Speaks

The Red Sun Falls…

His Hands Open Wide

His Dying Wish…

He Falls so Hard

The Freedom of The Birds


PICTURE CREDIT – Purple Dreamy

2 Responses to “The Briefcase”

  1. Beautiful DJ!

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