Allure… An 80 Page Novella

Allure… An 80 Page Novella

I’m actually Considering Converting My First 15 Episodes of “Allure” into a Novella… It would be the First of a Series of Short Novellas I’m Hoping.

It would be the First Time I Converted any of My “Blog Series” into a Book, but I think it might be a good one to do it with.

I have talked about making my “Dark Rider” Series into a “Comic Book”, and it’s still something I’m looking to do.

My Nephew would potentially be the Artist, and My Friend Kirsty would help me with the Look, and Set Up of the Pages.

Right Now My Schedule Looks Like This;

“I Died Once” (Novella) – I Achieved My Editor Funding Goal for “I Died Once”, and have already Edited 1/3 of it with My Sister… I’m hoping she can help me finish up in the next week or two, then I’ll set up the PDF Documents, and Upload it to My Printing Company. My Kickstarter Project Officially Ends Tomorrow, and after that they hold on to the money for 2 Weeks, then Transfer it to My Amazon Account… I then need to Manually Transfer it from Amazon to My Bank Account, which takes 5 to 7 Business Days, or so they say. Once the Money’s in the Account, I will Order Book Cover Posters for 2 of My Contributors, 19 Copies of “I Died Once” from My Printer to be sent out to Contributors, and 7 of My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Books to also be sent out to Contributors. I’ll also be sending out 3 DVD’s of My Short Film “If Not Now…” to 3 of the Contributors… Phew, Lol I’ll Also be Ordering a Copy of the Novella to give the Local Bookstore, so they can decide if they’d be willing to carry it in their Store. Wola, Lol (Looking To Have It Self Published By Mid August)

“Chess With Agatha” (Fantasy Novel) – I’ve Re-Wrote/Pre-Edited about 40% of the First Draft of My Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“. Once I’m done Re-Writing/Pre-Editing it, I will forward that Copy to My Friend Beth, who will Review it, and “Line Edit” It. Once I receive the Reviews and Line Edits, I will Implement any changes that need to be, in regards to the Writing, and the Grammar. At that point I will once again be faced with the Daunting Task of Finding an Editor for it, Lol I really have no clue who I will get to Edit it, as it’s about 3 times as long as My Novella, and would be quite an Undertaking for My Sister… But I’ll deal with that when the time comes, Lol Also, I’ve been Researching some possible “Cover Artists” for this the First Book of the “Agatha Series”… It’s gone So So, I’ve found Good Artists, but they’re all Extremely Busy. (Looking To Have It Self Published By, Or Before, December 2012)

If I decide to Turn “Allure” Into a Novella, I’ll need to check with Beth and see if she’d be willing to “Review”, and “Line Edit” it after “Chess With Agatha”. My Friend Heloise has also been doing some Pre-Editing on “Allure” as I go, which has been really helpful. I’ll have to figure out more about “Allure” a bit later.

Nuff Said

As Always, I Appreciate All Your Guys Support, I Really Do

So Much So that 3 Different People that I’ve met in WordPress are going to actually show up in The Dedication Credits of My “I Died Once” Novella, Lol

There’s some really good People here

Thanks Guys


3 Responses to “Allure… An 80 Page Novella”

  1. Absolutely! I’d love to help out with Allure when you’re ready. 🙂 I’m really loving this series by the way – I think it’s a new favorite.

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