Allure… Victoria

Allure… Victoria

“La Fon Never Bothered Me Again… And That Was It… Or Was It”




La Fon stands before Arram…

“What do you want?” she questions.

“”What Do I Want? Well… There’s An Irony For You… As You Are The One That Has Been Following Me…” he responds, then walks behind her.

“I just want you to stop killing young girls…” Arram replies.

“Why… That’s Like Asking A Cat To Stop Hunting Mice… That’s Not Going To Happen… Whether You Like It Or Not… I Must Feed…” he explains as he gets closer to the back of her.

“Think Of It As A Food Chain Thing…” he continues.

She can feel his cold breath against her neck…

There is something extremely familiar… And outlandishly pleasurable about it.

“And Humans, are definitely “not” at the top of the food chain…” he finishes.

Arram closes her eyes… And tries to maintain her poise, as the feeling that’s come over her is rapturing.

“But why only young girls?” she asks, as she opens her eyes to see he’s moved in front of her now.

His skin is as fair as death itself… And yet, smooth like porcelain.

His hair a stark black… And his eyes… Dark… And also black.

“They Taste Better” he replies.

This does not go down well.

“You knew my mother?” she suddenly says to his surprise.

He takes a step back.

“Yes…” he replies.

“La Fon… Thomas… So the only one we’re missing here is Vincent…” she continues.

La Fon does not look happy to hear Vincent’s name.

“Be Glad That He Is Not Here My Sweet… As Your Handsome Roy Milon Would Surely Be Gutted, And His Blood Drained If He Was…” he says bitterly.

“What will you do now?” she asks.

“The Question Isn’t “What Will I Do Now”…” he says as he steps back towards her, and touches the side of her cheek.

Her eyes close once more.

The pleasure she feels from this is uncanny.

And… Unrelenting.

She gasps, barely able to speak.

“You were my Mother’s Lover?” she asks.

With this he pulls his hand back.

And she opens her eyes once more.

“Yes…” he replies.

Just then Thomas enters the room ,and joins La Fon at his side.

“This Is Your Last Warning Daisy Arram… Daughter To Victoria Arram… I Suggest… You Take It” with this he leaves, followed closely behind by Thomas.



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Part Thirteen – Thomas

Part Fourteen – The Truth



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  1. it was nice to find it online tonight : ) you should publish the story!

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