Allure… 17

Allure… 17

“Through The Ages… We Have Been Known As Many Things…”

“But None Has Stuck Like… The Vampire”






Arram sits on the backs of her legs, waiting for Roy Milon to awaken…

A slight drizzle of rain has started to fall… But she hasn’t really noticed.

Flashes of La Fon keep going through her head…

As she tries to imagine him with her mother.

But sadly… She can only picture him with her.

“RUNNNN!!!!” Roy suddenly jolts into a sitting upright position, screaming.

“It’s Alright Roy!.. They’re Gone!” Arram assures him as she takes his left arm into her hands.

Roy is battered and bruised… He looks at Arram.

“What happened?” he asks.

She stands “It’s over…” she says and begins to walk back to her Mustang.

Roy is stunned by this, and quickly stands, and catches up to her… Checking to see that his sawed off shotguns are strapped to his back, which they are.

“What do you mean…” he grabs her arm, causing her to stop walking.

“Over?” he insists.

“I can’t do this anymore…” she pulls her arm away “My 17th birthday is next week… And I plan on being alive for it… I’m going home”



Arram is driving, and doesn’t notice Roy picking up her book.

“So they’re both in here eh… La Fon and Thomas?” he asks as he holds the book up to Arram.

She grabs the book, and tossed it out of the car “Yeah” she replies.

He’s a bit surprised by this.

“I noticed you were done with it… But tossing a book out the window when you’re done with it is a bit…” she looks at him as he speaks to her.

“Much” he finishes.

They pull into their hotel’s driveway.

Arram runs straight up stairs, her pink converse high tops carrying her way up the stairs in a pink flash.


Arram enters the room, and falls face forward on the bed.

Roy then enters the room.

She sits up immediately when she realizes Seth isn’t there.

“Seth!?” she speaks.

Roy looks in the bathroom, turns towards Arram, and shakes his head indicating Seth’s not in there.


Seth sits in a chair in the middle of the room, with a black sack over his head.

The thin, forty Something year old man in the white suit lights a cigarette, then sits in a chair backwards about ten feet in front of Seth.

He nods at one of the three large men in black, with black sunglasses, and the man steps forward and pulls the sack off Seth’s head.

Seth does not look pleased.

“Whatttt… What is this??” he ask, completely freaked out.

“You’ve been traveling with a girl…” the man speaks.

Seth doesn’t say a word.

The man nods at the man in black, who backhand slaps Seth across the face.


Seth’s mouth starts to bleed.

“I will ask you again… You’d best answer” the man explains.

“You’ve been traveling with a girl… Right?” the man asks again.

“Yeah” Seth replies.

“A…” the man shuffles through a black folder “Daisy… Arram?” he continues.

“Yeah…” Seth replies, but doesn’t look at the man.

“Good… Good… This will work out fine between us” he nods, and the man puts the black sack over Seth’s head again.

“HEY MAN!! I ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS” they all leave the hotel room, leaving Seth alone yelling to no avail.



Arram is sitting on the bed, and Roy is trying to calm her.

“Now hang in there Arram… We’ll find him…” she looks at him with vacant, sad eyes.

“We’ll give it another hour to see if he stepped out, then we’ll start tracking him” he explains.

She starts to calm a bit.

“Talk to me… Distract me from it” she requests of Roy.

“Alright… Why are you giving up on stopping La Fon?” he asks.

She starts to breath fast again, and he takes her hand… This calms her.

“He’s my mother’s ex lover… For one” she says.

Roy looks totally shocked “Uhh… Wow”

“Yeah… And there’s that other thing” she says.

“What other thing?” he asks with a puzzled expression.

She looks at him once more “He’s going to kill us…”

“Now hold on now–” Roy starts to say, but Arram interrupts.

“No You Hold On!” she demands in a loud whisper.

“He’s let us live so far… Me and Seth at the house where we first confronted him… You by the high school where you saved that girl… And now tonight… He’s not going to let us live next time Roy… I promise you” she finishes.

Roy is pretty much speechless.

“And if he doesn’t do it… One of his two Vampire friends will… Thomas, or Vincent” she continues.

“Vincent?” Roy replies.

“Huh, you don’t wanta know… He sounds like the most vicious of the three, and we haven’t even ran into him yet” she explains.

“I’m going home Roy…” she says with conviction, and all he can do is nod in agreement.




PICTURE CREDIT – Our Wizarding World

Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt

Part Thirteen – Thomas

Part Fourteen – The Truth

Part Fifteen – Victoria


4 Responses to “Allure… 17”

  1. Depending on how the next chapter is going to be, I think this chapter 17 could be a good “end” to close Part 1, it’s like the girl is giving up and we don’t know what’s going to happen next… like at the end of a tv show, but of course if chapter 18 picks up right there with her changing her mind or finding out Seth is missing for real…then it’s great as the opening of part 2. just my idea.

    Anyway it’s details, I really love your Story, and I think it’d be a great published novel 🙂

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