Allure… Unholy Alliance

Allure… Unholy Alliance




Arram is sitting alone, stabbing at a blueberry pancake, looking sad, and exceedingly concerned…

When suddenly…

“THUNK” a book lands on the table, titled “Vampire’s Truth”… By Miranda Bloom.

Arram looks up at Roy who tossed it on the table.

“Vampire’s Truth… Book Two of the acclaimed “Vampire’s Lust” Series…” Roy says.

“You bought my mother’s second book?” she asks.

Roy sits down.

“Yeah… Happy Birthday…” he replies.

She smiles slightly.

“That’s not until next week silly…” she picks up the book and puts it in her purse.

“Yeah… Well… Call it research” he replies.

Suddenly she looks sad again…

“It’s my fault Seth is gone… Weather he up and left… Or was taken, or killed… It’s all my fault” she starts to stab the pancake again.

“Have you tried his cell phone again?” Roy asks.

“Yeah… Straight to message again… It must be turned off…” she replies.

“Yeah, or at the bottom of a lake” Roy says without thinking, taking a huge bite of steak.

Arram looks at him.

“Sorry…” he says with steak in his mouth.

Suddenly Arram’s cell phone rings

She has a Maroon 5 Ring Tone.

She looks at the phone…

“It’s Him!!” she answers it.

“Seth!! Where are you??” she asks, her face then fills with dread.

“Who is this, and what have you done with Seth…” she says more than asks.

Roy looks tense.

She hangs up, and starts to get up, grabbing her purse…

“They want us to meet with them…” she says as she heads toward the exit, leaving money on the table.

Roy follows “Who??”

“They didn’t say who they were… They just said they have Seth, and that’s all I need to know” she gets into her Mustang, as does Roy.


And takes off…


Arram and Roy stand in front of her Mustang, and about eighty feet away is the black sedan that took Seth…

Standing in front of it is the thin man in the white suit… Smoking a cigarette, which he tosses at the ground and steps on it… With him are the three large thugs in black suits and dark shades, all packing heat, and ready to start shooting should the need arise.

Arram is about to walk to a middle meeting point, and Roy grabs her shoulder…

“You know I could just kill all these guys, and call it a day?” he says, and asks.

“That won’t get us Seth back” she pulls away from his hand, and continues walking, putting her blue hair into a ponytail as she goes, and meets the thin man in the middle.

“Hello Daisy Arram…” the man states.

“What do you want?” she replies.

“Why… La Fon… Of course” he tells her.


Arram walks back to the Mustang, and the man returns to the sedan, and they drive away.

“What do they want?” asks Roy as they get back into her car.

“They want me to lead them to La Fon…” she replies.

VROOOOM!!” she starts the engine.

“La Fon?? Didn’t you say La Fon will kill you the next time you follow him?” questions Roy.

Arram looks over at him.

“As long as it gets Seth back, I don’t really care what happens to me…” she says with conviction.

She steps on the gas.




Part One – Daisy Arram

Part Two – No Invitation Needed

Part Three – Uncle Tom

Part Four – The Night Will Come

Part Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

Part Six – Cold Night

Part Seven – Guests With No Breath

Part Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

Part Nine – The Escape

Part Ten – Too Late

Part Eleven – The Wounded

Part Twelve – The Hunt

Part Thirteen – Thomas

Part Fourteen – The Truth

Part Fifteen – Victoria

Part Sixteen – 17

6 Responses to “Allure… Unholy Alliance”

  1. “She has a Maroon 5 Ring Tone.” The girl has good taste 😉

    • Lol, I really like that song… But yeah, she has good taste, that’s why her hair is Blue, my favorite color 😀


      • yeah, blue is nice. i did mine green once, but it was hard to decide between blue, green and violet 🙂

        • I’ve done mine black several times… I always thought my skin is probably too olive to do bleached hair, and there’s the whole killing the hair thing… I loved black, but am thinking of a dark, dark purple now, Lol… I work from home, so I can get away with it… But I’d like to do something, I’ve had my regular hair color for a while now


          • ps: just skip the bleach, it gives a nice color to your natural one, that’s what I did. My mom would have “kill me” if I had done the bleaching part. But I would not do it again ‘coz it’s unnatural anyway, although you can use some henna powder maybe…
            i’m off to bed

            • Yeah, not too keen on putting bleach on my hair… I was going to look up natural ways to do it… But, yeah, dye does add a nice color to your natural hair.

              Night H


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