Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind

As I Cast My Gaze upon the Distant Skies…

Mine Eyes Glow a Pale White Light

Deep Breath in…

I Feel Life fill my every Sense

Reach out…

Paint Waters with my Mind

I am not alone…

The Coolness in the Air keeps me Company

Fair… Warm… Deep


Tell me once more what Dreams you hold…

How Strong you are

How Bold

The Fairness…

And Kindness of the night


PICTURE CREDIT – White Tiger Sky


12 Responses to “Quiet Mind”

  1. Beautiful as always DarkJade!

  2. Utterly beautiful; it seems a little shorter than some of your other poems, but it really serves to heighten the power which comes from it. And that’s a lovely picture, too 🙂

    • Thank you Anna

      Yeah, it’s definitely Shorter… Like you say, I felt it was long enough, and Clear enough to send the reader on their way… So to speak, Lol

      You Like White Tigers in the Sky?? Hee Hee

      Yah know, I’m kind of funny about Animals… I don’t care for Movies about them much (Although I do Love The Black Stallion Movie… But with that Cinematography, and use of Music, who wouldn’t)

      And I’m not big into all the Cuddly Pictures that a lot of people seem to like… But, when it comes to Tigers, I’ll make an Exception… They are My Favorite Animal… There’s just something about them. I’ve always gotten along with Regular Cats in real life… In fact my current one is a “Little” Tiger, Lol… Looking at him…. I think maybe I relate to Tigers for some reason… Perhaps their Strength, Prowess and Grace… And the White one’s are Magnificent.

      When looking for a Picture, I type the Concept I have into Yahoo… Which in this case, was “White Skies”… And this was one of the Pictures that came up… I was hesitant to use it, because of the Animal thing… But he’s so Beautiful, isn’t he, Lol

      Thanks Anna


      • Aw, what a lovely thing to share, I can see why you like them so much 🙂 I’m afraid I’m one of those ‘cuddly animal’ people myself… llamas are my favourite animal! They look so very baffled and look like they’re made from clouds. I just want to shove my face into their fur and suffocate from general awesomeness.

        • Lol, what’s not to Love about Llamas, Lol

          Of course we all have our Favorite Llamas, Lol

          Yah see, yer someone I’d actually like to be strapped onto a log and going off a waterfall with, Lol

          And that’s saying a lot… Isn’t it?? Lol


          • I LOVE the Emperor’s New Groove! It’s one of my favourite films! And as we’re sharing llama videos… ever seen Llamas with Hats? You’ll never look back :3

            • Lol, Carrrlll, Lol Hilarious, I haven’t seen that

              But when I did find this

              I probably would have reacted the same way to that guy… He had a Bad Vibe, Lol

              Oh, and one of My Favorite Emperor’s New Groove Scenes

              Kronk’s Theme Music, Lol


            • Ha! That’s awesome 😀 And Kronk’s theme tune is epic!

            • Carrrllll, that’s totally going to be sticking in my Head Now, Lol… Llama’s with Hats makes me think of your “Ridiculous Propositions of the Talkative Spatula”, Lol


  3. Lamberta Says:

    love how it describes being deep in thought. nice. 🙂

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